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Community Outreach Program (C.O.P)

Community Outreach Program (C.O.P) is a club that takes pride in representing California State University, San Bernardino in the community. We strive to help our community through service and volunteer work in a variety of organizations and settings throughout the inland empire. Specifically the mission of C.O.P is to:

INFORM students of available volunteer opportunities in the community and inform them of previous student experiences among the different organizations. Provide valuable information related to volunteering that may enhance students’ opportunities to attend graduate school through guest speaker events, and professional workshops.

Community Outreach Program

CONNECT students with organizations in the community for ongoing volunteer opportunities and one-time events. Provide appropriate contact information so that students connect with the right person saving time for both the student and the organization’s staff.

SUPPORT students who are currently volunteering by providing a safe place where they will be able to discuss their volunteer experiences with the different organizations and support students through quarterly recognition for their community service.

If you want to become a member or have further questions, please contact us at