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Our Mission

Project Impact aims to collaborate with partners in an effort to increase the diversity of the of the teacher pipeline in California, while at the same time working to help close academic achievement gaps in the K-12 settings through intentional recruitment, training, deployment, and continued support of African American and other minority male teachers in the Inland Empire and throughout California’s classrooms.


Current Partners

Riverside County office of Education

In the Spring of 2020, the Riverside County office of Education developed a program called Diversifying the Teacher Pipeline (DTP) Program and partnered with California State University San Bernardino and four districts throughout the county to prepare, recruit, develop, support and retain teachers. Through this partnership, we aim to add diversity to the schools throughout the county.

San Bernardino Office Superintendent of Schools

The San Bernardino Office Superintendent of Schools is committed to working with school districts, other agencies, families and the community at large by providing services, information, advocacy and leadership – always with a focus on students. They have joined the partnership this Fall 2020 and are in the process of finalizing an MOU with CSUSB, College of Education on project Impact programs.

Growing Inland Achievement

GIA is a regional intermediary organization aimed at increasing postsecondary credential attainment, adding more qualified people to the workforce, and contributing to a thriving economy. GIA is in partnership with Project Impact to increase minority male teacher pipeline.

BLU Education Foundation

The BLU Educational Foundation provides educational and human services programming to youth and convenes groups around issues impacting communities of color. BLU works directly with K-12 students to navigate the process of getting to and through college and we are currently working to establish partnership within this pipeline.

Partners Working Together

This partnership is a collective impact strategy that builds on the strengths and assets of the African American community and other communities of color, institutions of higher learning and K12 systems and each stakeholder’s innate drive, desire and determination to increase the presence of men of color in the classroom and improve academic performance of K-12 students in the region. We aim to build an educator ecosystem that recognizes, encourages and values diversity of voice and practice in an effort to dismantle the systemic barriers to promote equitable outcomes.

We are seeking partnerships with other educational agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations, to collaborate with us in the recruitment, training, and development of these teachers in the Inland Empire and beyond. 

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