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Special Requirements


Requisitions for ads promoting University events and programs must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Strategic Communications prior to submission to Procurement and Contracts. When submitting your requisition to Procurement and Contracts, please include three (3) copies of each ad. One copy will go with the order to the vendor, one copy is for Accounts Payable and one copy is for Procurement and Contracts files.


Dining Services

Communication Equipment

This category includes telephone, radio, special data or video communication equipment. Please contact Procurement and Contracts for assistance prior to issuing a requisition.


High volume copiers are located in the larger buildings around campus. Printing Services provides maintenance and supplies for this equipment on a charge-back basis. Requests for low volume copiers will only be considered from departments in buildings without a high volume copier, and only when copier requirements justify the purchase of a copier. All costs associated with any low volume copier are the department's responsibility, including paper, paint powder, and the maintenance contract.

Procurement and Contracts maintains a list of acceptable brands and models of copiers which have been pre-approved by the State of California. These preapproved copiers are available through state contracts. Contact Procurement and Contracts with your estimated monthly usage and required copier features to determine which copier will best meet your needs.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Purchases

Accessibility Review

CSUSB is required to review all purchases of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) [formerly referred to as “Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT)”] for accessibility. Information Technology Services - Accessible Technology conducts ICT product accessibility reviews as outlined in the CSU Accessible Procurement Framework. If you would like to purchase any type of ICT, regardless of payment method, you must complete the ICT Accessibility & Security Online Review form.  The ICT Accessibility & Security Review Online Form replaces the fillable PDF E&IT Procurement Checklist form, which been deprecated.

Accessible Technology will review the information provided on the Online Form and contact you via email notification with further instructions. Purchases must not be made before review by Accessible Technology is completed.

See related Accessible Technology Initiative documentation and ICT Accessibility & Security Online Review Form on the Forms and Documents page.  Please direct all questions about ICT accessibility review to

Data Security Review

Information Technology Services – Information Security must review all contracts (e.g., purchases) involving access to protected information, any cloud computing, and those involving computer related hardware/software. If you would like to purchase any type of ICT, regardless of payment method, you must complete the ICT Accessibility & Security Online Review form.

Information Technology Services – Information Security will review the information provided on the Online Form and contact you via email notification with further instructions. You may be asked to complete an Information Security Data Requirements Checklist. Purchases must not be made before review by Information Security is completed.

See the ICT Accessibility & Security Online Review Form and Information Security Data Requirements Checklist on the Forms and Documents page.  Please direct all questions about ICT security review to or ISET in Information Technology Services at x77262.

**NOTE: Since contracts and services can evolve over time, accessibility and security review must be completed for every new contract, contract revision, or contract/purchase renewal to ensure that we meet accessibility compliance and data security requirements.**


There may be times when a special need arises which could not possibly have been foreseen and a purchase must be made immediately. Please call Procurement and Contracts and we will be happy to assist you. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER WITH ANY VENDOR WITHOUT CONTACTING PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACTS FIRST OTHERWISE YOU MAY BE PERSONALLY LIABLE FOR THE PURCHASE. For emergency orders requiring immediate attention, you need to enter your requisition on line first then call Procurement and Contracts to obtain a purchase order number. You will be given a purchase order number providing your requisition is properly entered and approved and the request is appropriate. Procurement and Contracts will not release an order number over the phone to a department unless a requisition has been entered and approved.

Printing Services

Printing Services provides the campus business cards, letterhead, envelopes, banners & posters, and a wide variety of color printing and other specialty items. Please visit Printing Services for more information and to place your order.

To ensure that material using the university logo are in compliance with the Visual Identity Manual and Cal State San Bernardino policies, all printed material must be officially approved by the Office of Strategic Communication. It is the policy of the university that the purchasing department will not issue payment to a print vendor unless this approval is received in advance of publication.

Promotional Items

Items may be purchased for promotional purposes under the hospitality policy if the fund used allows for it. These purchases require responses which support the promotional nature of the items to the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the requested items? (Promotional, award, gift, give-away, etc.)
  2. To whom in general will the items be distributed? (Existing students, prospective students, donors, staff, visitors, etc.)
  3. At what event or type of events will the items be distributed?
  4. What is the anticipated benefit to the university to be realized through the distribution of the items?

Occasionally, clarification is required and additional questions may be asked. Responses will be kept on file with the purchase order for audit purposes.

Regardless of funding source, artwork for any promotional items should include the university's, department's, or program's name or the logo and a contact method such as a website, phone number and/or mailing address. Because the items represent the university in the community, the artwork, including text only artwork, must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Strategic Communications and forwarded to Procurement and Contracts referencing the requisition number before an order will be placed. Please see Strategic Communications' visual identity website for additional information on the university's graphics standards.

Sole Source/Brand Purchases

There is occasionally a need to purchase an item from one particular vendor or manufacturer. As the State is committed to a program of active competition in the purchase of items, a strong justification must be submitted with any request for a sole source purchase. If the Procurement Officer is unable to support the request, the using department will be notified and steps will be taken to resolve the problem. Contact Procurement and Contracts for a copy of the form used to request a specific brand or a particular vendor or go to the forms page to download a copy.


Facilities Services coordinates the vehicle program. If you have reason to purchase a vehicle, please contact that department prior to submitting a requisition.