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Special Handling

Check (Prepayment) Required

It is against State policy to pay for items or services in advance. If the vendor requires prepayment before shipment or performance, the ordering department should locate another source of supply. If the vendor is a sole source vendor, the department should make a notation to that effect on the requisition.

Once it is determined that the vendor is a sole source and that prepayment is required, the requisition should be prepared indicating CHECK REQUIRED. Procurement and Contracts will then request a check from Accounting to be sent along with the purchase order. You must allow a minimum of at least one week for the preparation of a check request.

Hand Carry Orders

There may be times when a department is unable to wait for a vendor to deliver requested items and is willing to take the purchase order and pick up the items. Before sending your requisition to Procurement and Contracts, please enter your request as a Header Comment: indicate "Hand Carry", the date you'd like the purchase order to be ready and your name and phone number. An order will be prepared as soon as possible and your department will be notified when it is ready for pick up in the Procurement and Contracts. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DEPARTMENT TO THEN NOTIFY THE RECEIVING DEPARTMENT WHEN THE ITEMS ARE ACTUALLY OBTAINED. Failure to do so will delay payment to the vendor.