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Purchasing Overview

Petty Cash

Purchases up to $50.00 may be made by petty cash without the approval of Procurement and Contracts. However, these purchases must follow the same guidelines as any purchase obtained through Procurement and Contracts. The Bursar will reimburse for petty cash purchases upon submission of the properly completed form. Please see the Bursar Office website for additional information.

Procurement Card

An alternative method of purchasing low dollar value items, the Procurement Card, is available to departments and offices campuswide for making purchases using state managed funds. The card is designed for purchases totaling up to $3,000 and there are restrictions both on items that can be purchased and accounts that can be charged. Usage is monitored. Cards can be issued to individuals who have first obtained their area vice president's approval and have attended a mandatory training session. Cardholder approving officials must also complete a training session and provide certification before a new cardholder will be issued a card. Failure to comply with program requirements including following program protocols, adhering to policy and procedures and submitting required documentation in a timely manner can result in reduction of spending limits and/or merchant access, suspension or cancellation of card, reimbursement to the university for unauthorized or otherwise improper purchases, and/or disciplinary action.

The program administrator in Procurement and Contracts manages the procurement card program and is responsible for all aspects of the program including training, card issuance and maintenance, coordinating statement loads into PeopleSoft Finance, setting statement due dates, and reviewing all statements, receipts and supporting documentation for appropriate use of funds, program compliance and adherance to campus and CSU policy.

Contact Procurement and Contracts at x75142 for further information regarding the Procurement Card.


Requests for supplies and services are initiated through submittal of an approved on-line requisition. Any special requirements or information which will assist Procurement and Contracts should be included on the requisition. Instructions and procedures related to entering and inquiring against requisitions and purchases orders can be found on the Purchasing with PeopleSoft page.

A training session is required before access to enter requisitions is granted. Training is coordinated through the CMS Office.

Processing Procedures

Upon receipt of the requisition in Procurement and Contracts, the Purchasing Manager reviews the request for adherence to university policies and procedures and then assigns it to one of the buyers. The actual ordering process is dependent on the total dollar amount of the request. Orders cannot be split to avoid purchasing processes. If requisitions are received from the same department for the same category of items within a thirty day period and the second requisition raises the cumulative total over $50,000, Procurement and Contracts may bid the second requisition regardless of cost. Additionally, service projects cannot be split over a period of several months to avoid the bid process. For instance, if a department knows in advance that it will spend more than $50,000 on a particular service that year, even if the service will occur over several months at a cost of less than $50,000/month, then that service should be bid July 1.

If a requisition is entered with insufficient detail to process, Procurement and Contractr staff will contact the requisitioner or a designated member of the requisitioner's department for addiitional detail. If the department does not make reasonable progress on providing sufficient detail within 90 days, the requisition will be canceled. A new requisition may be entered when the department is ready to proceed with the project.

Descriptions, Specifications

Delays in processing requisitions are usually caused more by a lack of sufficient descriptions or specifications than by any other cause. Please review the items listed on your requests to make sure that you have identified what the item is and have listed any details required (specific functions, size, color, item number, model number, number of items in carton, package, etc.) before you send them to Procurement and Contracts. In addition, please list the catalog page numbers so that we can rapidly verify the information you have listed. All this will assist us in expediting the order without having to call you for additional information.

Order Follow-Up/Returns/Replacements/Exchanges

It is Procurement and Contracts job to provide follow-up assistance on orders and help to resolve any problems that might arise. Shipments to campus are first processed through Receiving, so if you're trying to determine if an item has arrived on campus, please call Receiving first, then if the item hasn't come in by the requested delivery date, contact Procurement and Contracts and the buyer will work with the vendor to expedite delivery.

Problems with shipments are much easier to resolve if they are identified soon after receipt. Please check through delivered items right away so that any problems can be resolved in a timely manner. Should a return, replacement or exchange be required, please contact Procurement and Contracts to coordinate the transactions. A buyer will work with the vendor, Receiving, Property and Accounts Payable to make sure that, depending on the situation, returns are shipped correctly, credits are processed, and replacements are delivered appropriately.