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All printing orders must be coordinated through the Office of Strategic Communications. Vendor selection is coordinated by Procurement and Contracts. Submit requirements directly to the Office of Strategic Communications, allowing sufficient time for artwork development, proofing, requisition submittal, bidding by Purchasing and printing. No requisition for printing will be processed by Procurement and Contracts that has not received approval from Strategic Communications.

Business Cards & Letterhead

Business cards and letterhead for the University are ordered directly from Printing Services through their website. Orders for cards which have not been printed before should be sent to Strategic Communications with a sample card attached indicating the new information to be printed. Strategic Communications will then verify all titles and format, prepare the typesetting, and forward the request to Printing Services. Orders for reprints are sent directly to Printing Services(also with a sample card attached). Questions regarding format or acceptable titles, etc. are the responsibility of Strategic Communications.

Business Reply Mail

Frequently there are requests to send out business reply mail. This is the envelope or card which has imprinted on it a notation that the postage cost will be paid by the addressee (us) and are usually included with surveys, outreach materials, etc. Business reply mail is more expensive than regular mail and the additional cost must be justified. Prior to requesting the envelopes, please send a short memo to Procurement and Contracts describing the project requiring the special handling, the quantity of items going out and the quantity expected to be returned. The normal return is about 33%. Upon review and approval of this request, a Strategic Communications Officer will be advised that the project has been approved and arrangements may be made with her for having envelopes printed. The costs for the postage will be charged to your regular postage account.


Most printed envelope requirements can be met by Printing Services. For information and pricing, call x75148.