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To ensure that material using the university logo are in compliance with the Visual Identity Manual and Cal State San Bernardino policies, all printed material must be officially approved by the Office of Strategic Communication. It is the policy of the university that the purchasing department will not issue payment to a print vendor unless this approval is received in advance of publication.

Business Cards & Letterhead

Business cards and letterhead for the University are ordered directly from Printing Services through their website. Letterhead, business cards and similar materials printed by the university's Printing Services office are not required to go through the Office of Strategic Communication for approval, since templates for such materials have already been approved. 

The university stationery is designed to be flexible, allowing campus units to list information that is unique to them. However, while allowing for flexibility, there are requirements for use of stationery. The typeface, size and formatting has been standardized for consistency in appearance and cannot be changed.  

Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail (BRM) allows sending preprinted, postage-paid mail pieces to recipients, and pay only for the returned mail pieces. BRM encourages recipients to reply to the request because the original sender pays the postage on the returned mail piece. All the recipients have to do drop it in the mail. 

Departments using BRM will incur the cost of the mail returning; however, it can be considerably less money to use BRM than paying for postage on all return mail pieces because only a small percentage of mail will likely be returned. 


Most printed envelope requirements can be met by Printing Services. For information and pricing, call x75148.

University envelopes are ordered directly from Printing Services online order form through their website.