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Accounts Payable

Any questions regarding invoices, payment to vendors, etc., should be directed to Accounts Payable at x75155


All invoices should be forwarded to ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Department immediately. If you happen to receive an invoice from a vendor, write the applicable purchase order number on it (if that information is available to you), and forward it to Accounts Payable.

Independent Contractors

Individuals can be hired to provide a variety of services to the University through the use of Independent Contractor forms processed by Accounts Payable. Consultants, live models, umpires, performers, etc. can be hired for short-term projects in this manner. These individuals must qualify as independent contractors in accordance with State and Federal statutes. (Those individuals fitting into the category of employee must be processed through the Payroll Office.)

Prior to hiring an individual you plan to reimburse through the Independent Contractor process, please review Independent Contractor Determination on the Accounts Payable website. Please note that the independent contractor option only applies to individuals and not businesses providing a service. If an individual is operating as a business, then the department will need to enter a requisition to initiate a service/purchase order/contract through Procurement and Contracts prior to starting any work.

Direct Expenditures

Direct expenditure payment requests must be submitted directly to Accounts Payable on a Direct Expenditure Form (DEF). Requisitions will no longer be accepted for these transactions. All applicable State of California and University regulations and policies apply to any purchase/payment requested via the DEF.

For full details and instructions, see Accounts Payable's Direct Expenditures web-page.

Qualifying items include:

  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships
  • Publications/videos
  • Permit/license fees
  • Software upgrades
  • Accreditation fees
  • Room rentals -- on campus only
  • DGS car rentals
  • Royalties (music)
  • Freight bill/shipping charges
  • Physicals/medical services
  • Contractor deposit refunds - include name and address of company on Direct Expenditure Form, as well as identifying project for which deposit is being refunded
  • Extended Education tour arrangement fees
  • Insurance -- for Athletics’ use only
  • Game guarantees
  • Game officials -- payments to organizations only
  • Sodexo Food Services -- only qualifying activities and accounts/funds may be used
  • Postage -- requires approval of Purchasing; no invoice required, but department is responsible for obtaining receipt from Post Office and turning it into Accounts Payable
  • Personal reimbursements - requires approval of Purchasing, must be submitted with signed Generic invoice and original receipts of items purchased
  • Non-travel related participant fees - includes workshops, seminars, conferences for which no other expense will be claimed by the attending individual

Payments to new vendors may be delayed until a completed Payee Data Record Form (STD 204) is obtained from the vendor.

Campus Stores

For Campus Stores orders - call x75149 or view the Campus Stores Catalog on-line.

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