As an agency of the State of California and a campus within the California State University system, requests for purchases of all commodities and services are processed by the Purchasing Office in accordance with legislation and guidelines established by the State and the CSU Board of Trustees.

Procurement and Contracts is responsible for all purchases made by the University. Other than petty cash and procurement card transactions, individuals outside Procurement and Contracts are not authorized to commit the University to acquiring products or services. Only five individuals on campus are authorized to sign contracts for CSUSB. They are: President, Provost, Vice President for Administration & Finance, Associate Vice President for Financial Operations, and Director of Procurement & Support Services.

Requests for purchases are made through requisitions. If appropriate, a requisition is processed by Procurement and Contracts and a purchase order or contract is generated. A requisition is NOT a purchase order and the act of entering a requisition does not guarantee that a purchase order will be issued. Unauthorized purchases may not be honored by the University and the individual who made the unauthorized purchase will be responsible for vendor payment.