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List of Staff Contacts



Director of Procurement & Contracts



Administrative Support Coordinator


Robert Mente, x73143      

Lead Procurement & Contracts Specialist

  • Non-monetary contracts, Memorandum of Understanding campus wide
  • Learning Site Agreements/Nursing Education for Student Placement at School Districts, Hospitals, Clinics, Counties & External Facilites
  • Facility Use Agreements 
Dusty Rushia, x75152

University Contracts Specialist

  • Public Works related Procurement
  • Capital Improvement Projects (Major & Minor)
  • Bid Solicitations (PlanetBids)
  • Architect and Engineering Agreements
  • PW Service Agreements
  • Task Order Service Agreements 
  • Job Order Contacts
  • Task Order Construction Agreements
Erika Takenaka, x75146

Lead Procurement Specialist

  • Professional Service Agreements
  • IT Equipment Service Agreements
  • Equipment Service Agreements
  • IT Software/Hardware Agreements
  • Master Agreements
  • Strategic Bid Solicitations (Services/Commodities)
  • Hotel Agreements/Off Campus Banquets
  • Hotel Stays (recruitment, athletics, etc)
  • Food service Agreements
  • Collection Agencies
Amy Beran, x75145

Buyer III

  • Maintenance Contracts (PW)
  • Facility Contracts 
  • Furniture
  • CFS System Administrator
  • Strategic Bid Solicitations (Maintenance Agreements)
  • Commodity (IT)


Grace Wichert, x75131


Buyer III

  • IT Software Agreements (Non-ITS)
  • Equipment Purchase/Service Agreements
  • Strategic Bid Solicitations (Services/Commodities)
  • COVID19 PPE and Onsite Service Agreements
  • Laboratory Equipment/Natural Sciences Equipment/Hospital Equipment/Vehicles
  • Commodity (Non-IT)
  • Promos/Ads
Tiffany Talley, x73332   

Buyer III

  • IT Software Agreements (ITS Division)
  • IT Service Agreements (ITS Division)
  • Strategic Bid Solicitations (Software/Services for ITS Division)
Robin Bewley, x73156

Buyer I  (On Leave)


Brittany Thompson, x73770

Procurement Card Administration

Buyer Trainee

  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Staples Orders