Student Clubs And Student Organizations Special Events Policy

Student Clubs And Student Organizations Special Events Policy
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CSUSB recognizes the importance that student special events such as dances, concerts, and other large (more than 150) programs play in the social development of its students. The University also recognizes its responsibility in assuring that the social environment on campus is safe for students and their guests. In keeping with the University Strategic Plan, the University shall place the safety of persons and property as its primary priority in determining whether a special event will be held on campus and what safety measures may be required at the expense of the event sponsor. To assure that the privilege of scheduling events on campus is safeguarded, the University has adopted the following policy:

This policy is intended to assess and manage risk and applies to CSUSB student clubs and student organizations.

Student-sponsored and co-sponsored events which have the potential of attracting over 150 attendees, including but not limited to dances or concerts, are governed by this policy. In addition, any student event that poses a potential threat to persons or property may be subject to the provisions of this policy as determined by the Director of Student Leadership and Development or designee (the 'Director') and the University Police Chief or designee (the 'Chief'). All such events must be approved by the Director and the Chief.

  • Event Plan

In order to gain approval, the sponsors must meet with the Director and the Chief, and submit an event plan. The event plan shall include a description of the activities, entertainment, number of persons attending, promotion, etc. The event plan shall include an access and exit plan which ensures that no unauthorized persons will be able to enter the event area. Dress codes are highly recommended. Valid identification indicating that the event attendee is a current registered student at CSUSB may be required at student special events, depending upon the risk assessment as determined by the Chief. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed at student club and organization sponsored events. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the loss of scheduling privileges and/or disciplinary action.

  • Review/Approval of Event Plan

The Director and the Chief shall review the plan to ensure the safety of persons and adequate safeguarding of persons and property. The plan must be submitted and approved a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to the event. The Director and the Chief must review the plan within five (5) working days of submission. Should the event plan be rejected, a written explanation as to why the event was denied shall be provided within five working days. Upon reviewing the plan, the Chief may require the hiring of police officers and/or private security guards or the implementation of other security measures at the sponsoring organization's expense. This may include, but is not limited to, additional police officers to provide for the safety of all attendees, faculty, and staff, and safeguarding property of the University.

The Chief and the Director may require that a faculty/staff advisor or a designee identified and approved in the plan be present during the entire event.

  • Change in Scope of Event Plan

Any change in the nature and scope of the event must be approved in writing by the Director and the Chief within five (5) working days after the proposed change is submitted to the Director and the Chief. Such changes include, but are not limited to, size, publicity, time or date, type and number of performers or acts, etc.

  • Event Publicity

Clubs and organizations sponsoring student special events must adhere to all university policies. Appropriate publicity for such events is limited to posting of materials on campus and distributing fliers on campus to members of the university community and word-of-mouth invitations to friends of the sponsoring organization. All off-campus advertising, including but not limited to bulletins, fliers, newspapers, radio and television advertisements are subject to this policy and must be presented to the Director to ensure compliance with this policy and other applicable university policies governing use of the University's name and identity for publicity purposes. Dissemination of events information and publicity by electronic mail and other web-based methods is considered a form of advertising and subject to compliance review by the Director. All promotional strategies for the event must be included in the event plan.

  • Responsibility for Damages

Sponsoring organizations and/or sponsoring individuals shall be heldresponsible for any damages causedto university facilities as a result of the event. Such charges will be determined in consultation with the Director of Facilities Services or CSUSB venue operator.

  • Event Parking

CSUSB parking policies shall apply during all special events. Vehicles will not be allowed to cruise university parking lots during special events. In addition, all vehicle laws, as listed in the California Vehicle Code, will be enforced by the University Police Department. No loitering will be allowed in the parking lots around the event, or anywhere on the university campus.


Student clubs and organizations that were denied an event may appeal the decision to the Student Special Events Policy Appeals Panel. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Student Leadership and Development Office within five (5) working days after the denial of the event.

The Appeals Panel will include the following:

  • Chair: ASI Vice President for University Affairs (ex-officio, voting in the event of a tie)
  • One representative from the Office of Student Leadership and Development
  • University Chief of Police, or designee
  • One club or organization advisor, to be appointed by the University President
  • Two student representatives, to be appointed by the Associated Students, Inc.

Appeals Process

  • The Appeals Panel will be convened, with the assistance of the Student Leadership and Development staff, within five (5) working days of the submittal.
  • Student clubs and organizations must provide copies of the denial letter and rationale as to why the decision should be overturned.
  • The Appeals Panel will review all appropriate documentation and make a determination by majority vote.
  • The Chair of the Appeals Panel will forward the written recommendation of the panel to the Vice President for Administration and Finance. A copy of the original appeal will be submitted with the recommendation of the Appeals Panel.
  • The Vice President for Administration and Finance will provide the final decision and appropriate explanations, in writing, to the student organization within ten (10) working days of submission. The decision of the Vice President for Administration and Finance is binding.