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Resources for Physics students during COVID-19 shutdown

Here are some important resources for Physics students as CSUSB moves to online instruction for Spring Quarter 2020.


  • Information and Technology Services (ITS) has worked hard to put together multiple resources for students, faculty, and staff on their Resources for Virtual Learning, Teaching, and Working page. These resources include:
    • A laptop loaner program
    • Information on how to get free internet at home for a limited time and/or unlimited data from mobile carriers.
    • Information on how and where to access CSUSB wifi. 
    • Software training and tutorials (including Zoom, more on this below)
    • Library Services
    • Counseling
    • Housing
    • Basic Needs
    • Parking Refunds
    • Tech Support
    • Financial Aid
    • Info for student assistants

General contact information

Generally speaking, email is the primary method by which we can contact students. Be sure to check and read all your emails daily, and respond to them (if needed) as soon as you can!

  • COVID-19 information: official CSUSB announcements are found here.
  • Email for general inquiries: (Preferred method of contact)
  • Physics main phone number: (909) 537-5298. Unfortunately due to technical issues we cannot answer this number, but we check voicemail daily.
  • Dept. Chair: Dr. Javier Torner, (909) 537-7720 (if no answer leave voicemail). (preferred method of contact).
  • Academic Coordinator: Ms. Maureen Murphy, (909) 537-5397 (if no answer leave voicemail), (preferred method of contact). 
  • Faculty contact information: See contact information below. Faculty are available for questions or advising.
  • Technical support: email or call (909) 537-7677.
  • College of Natural Sciences Professional Advising Center: make advising appointments by calling (909) 537-7345. Advising will be done through the phone or Zoom teleconferencing.


Here is a partial list of software you might need for online instruction. These are just general suggestions; your professors might have additional requirements. Check your Spring 2020 syllabus for more information. The Physics Dept. does not have the resources to provide tech support for you; contact for tech support.

  • Zoom: videoconferencing software that can be used for some synchronous lectures and for advising. Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. When logging in, make sure you use the "SSO login" option; our domain is You should be able to use your MyCoyote login.
  • ITS has provided free software to students including Mathematica, Office 365, and Windows. 
  • A scanner app for your phone for handing in some assignments. There are many different scanning apps that you can use. One free version that does not have ads is Microsoft Lens; download Microsoft Lens for iOS or Microsoft Lens for Android.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. You may need this to read and fill out various forms. Not all forms are fillable - the university is working hard to convert all the forms to work online, but this will take some time. You may not need this if you are on a Mac, as Macs have a built-in PDF viewer.
  • Slack. This is a communication app; it may be useful for communication among students and faculty. A link to join was already sent to the SPS listserve. Email if you are not on the listserve. 
  • Google Hangouts. This is a chat app; it may be useful for collaborating among students. You can sign into Hangouts using your CSUSB Google account. Google Hangouts works on your web browser and also on iOS and Android mobile apps.


In general, fill out these forms digitally as best you can in PDF format, and email them to the appropriate individuals. If you are having difficulty filling out the forms, let the recipient know! But please make a best faith effort in filling out the forms to help us out.

  • Simultaneous enrollment form (need to get signatures from both instructors and department chairs of the two courses you are trying to enroll in)
  • Add/drop slip
  • Add after census form
  • Drop after census form
  • Course overload: The Office of the Registrar is currently working on a way to bring course overload requests online. In the meantime, email the professor of the course that you wish to overload. Include: your name, student ID number, last quarter's GPA, number of units currently enrolled and number of units after overload, and course number/section of the course you wish to overload. Your professor, if they approve, will forward your request to the appropriate offices.
  • Open University enrollment form (more information on the Open University Program)
  • This section is still under construction.


Faculty Office Hours - Spring 2020

Please contact the faculty member for connection info. All voicemails are forwarded to the faculty recipients.

Faculty Office Hours - Spring 2020
Faculty Name Contact Office Hours
Dr. Javier Torner, Chair

(909) 537-7720

Monday-Friday 10-12 pm and 2-4 pm, and by appointment
Dr. Sara Callori

(909) 537-5317

Monday/Wednesday 10-12 pm, and by appointment
Dr. Carol Hood

(909) 537-5389

Schedule an appointment directly by clicking this link.
Dr. Paul Dixon

(909) 537-5399

Tuesday/Thursday 2-3:30, and by appointment
Dr. Karen Kolehmainen

(909) 537-5401

Tuesday/Thursday 12-1 pm and 4-5 pm, and by appointment
Dr. Paul Renteln

(909) 537-5402

Monday/Wednesday 2-4 pm, and by appointment
Dr. Tim Usher

(909) 537-5410

Monday/Wednesday 11:50-1:20 pm, and by appointment
Dr. Laura Woodney

(909) 537-7593

Monday/Wednesday 5-6 pm, Tuesday/Thursday 1-2 pm, and by appointment
Heather Abushanab

Monday/Wednesday 11-12 pm, and by appointment
Kathleen Devlin Monday 2-4 pm, and by appointment
Carl Farmer  
Riley Litzenberger On Leave Spring 2020
Joseph Martinez Tuesday/Wednesday 11-12 pm, and by appointment
John McGill Monday/Wednesday 1:30-2:00 pm and 5:30-6 pm, and by appointment
Linh Phan Wednesday 5-6 pm, and by appointment
Diana Renberg Tuesday 4-5 pm, Thursday 12-1 pm, and by appointment
Randall Schurr  
James Sheu By appointment
Earl Smith Monday/Tuesday 5-6 pm, and by appointment
Nick Westberg