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Career and Technical Studies (Online)

Program Overview

The CTS Designated Subjects Teaching Credential, BA or BS in CTS are designed primarily for those interested in, or currently teaching in, a career and technical environment. They provide an opportunity to earn substantial credit for the degree on the basis of credential course work, and previous work and teaching experience. All of the courses required for the Designated Subjects Credential, BA or BS in CTS, leading to the MA in CTS, can be completed at the Palm Desert Campus.

There are four programs available in Career and Technical Studies:

  • Designated Subjects Credential
  • Bachelor of Arts, Career and Technical Studies
  • Bachelor of Science, Career and Technical Studies
  • Master of Arts, Career and Technical Studies

Program Benefits

  • Classes offered at the Palm Desert Campus
  • Optional online and traditional classes
  • Earn a Career and Technical California Teaching Credential in two quarters as you complete your degree
  • Accelerated completion
  • Bachelor's degree in six quarters or less with general education courses previously completed
  • Eligible for financial aid

Program Requirements

  • Students must have five years full-time, paid occupational work experience
  • Occupational work experience credit evaluation completed in ECTS 335 and ECTS 435

Transfer Units

  • Transfer in undergraduate work, 60 semester units
  • No expiration date on course work

This Bachelor of Arts degree in Career and Technical Studies has replaced the former Bachelor of Vocational Education (BVE) degee. For specific information please e-mail program coordinator Sidney Burks.

Major Roadmap

Designated Subjects Credential Program

Preliminary Designated Subjects Credential requirements or Program Coordinator's permission. Teaching experience under a state issued teaching credential or successful completion of ECTS 1000 prior to or during the first quarter.

AnchorBachelor of Arts in Career and Technical Studies (CTS)

The Bachelor of Arts in Career and Technical Studies (BCTS) is designed to provide candidates with significant occupational and teaching experience the opportunity to have that experience count as partial credit toward a baccalaureate degree. Applicants must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent and five years of work experience and/or education directly related to each subject the candidate teaches. In order to qualify for a Career and Technical Evaluation of Competency (CTEC) applicant must have at least three years of full-time work experience, at least 1500 clock hours of teaching experience.

Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies (CTS)

This Bachelor of Science degree in Career and Technical Studies is designed specifically for community college transfers. It allows students to earn a degree, credential, and minor in Entrepreneurship simultaneously. This degree is ideal for persons with a two year technical degree. It is an excellent degree for those pursuing positions in management, business ownerships, education, training, and development.

For more information please e-mail program coordinator Dr. Joe Scarcella.

M.A. Degree in Career and Technical Studies (MACTS)

The M.A. in education with an option in career and technical education is designed to provide advanced and specialized education to personnel working in a variety of settings related to vocational education such as secondary, postsecondary and private schools. The program should also meet the requirements for leadership positions in these facilities.


Requirements for Graduation

  1. A minimum of 45 quarter units of acceptable work, with 32 completed in residence at this university;
  2. A minimum of 22 units of credit taken after a student has been advanced to candidacy for the degree;
  3. A grade point average of 3.0 ('B') in course work taken to satisfy the Master of Arts degree requirements and grades of 'C' (2.0) or better in all courses in the program;
  4. Registration and successful completion of a master's degree project (EDUC 600) or comprehensive examination (EVOC 999);
  5. The graduation writing requirement is met upon successful completion of the master's degree project or comprehension examination;
  6. Any additional general requirements not cited above and listed on Page 341.  A satisfactory project is one which can be reported in the form of a paper and/or through other media. The project proposal must be approved by the student's advisor and one other professor in the College of Education and submitted in an approved format. Further information is available from the College of Education regarding an approved format for the project proposal and project.

Students will be encouraged to present projects in a variety of media. The purpose of the project is for the student to communicate ideas gained in research, experimentation and creative endeavors; therefore, students should not feel bound to the traditional forms. All projects will be planned in consultation with the student's advisor. The program may not include more than 13 quarter units in approved extension and transfer courses from other colleges. California State University, San Bernardino will not consider for transfer credit course work from an institution which will not accept that work in its own advanced degree program.

Application Process

Important note: Transcripts from all colleges are needed for the application process.

Designated Subjects (DS) Career Technical Education for Single and Multiple Subject and Education Specialist Credential Holders

California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) is an approved CTE teacher preparation programs able to waive all CTE preparation except the CTE Foundations for teachers holding a multiple subject, single subject or education specialist teaching credential which includes an authorization to teach English learners. This is an example of a program granting an equivalency because the individual already holds another teaching credential. Holders of one of the identified teaching credentials listed above must meet the following eligibility requirements for adding a Designated Subjects CTE Credential include:

  • Complete ECTS 640D – Topics in Education (4 units). ECTS 640D provides a Foundation in Career Technical Education (CTE). Eligible teachers must hold a valid Clear or preliminary Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Educational Specialist Credential seeking authorization to teach CTE courses. This course must be completed to clear the CTE DS credential. ECTS 640D can also be applied toward the Masters of Arts in Education – Career and Technical Education Option.
  • Current Single, Multiple, or Educational Specialist Credential Holders.
  • Have at least one year of teaching experience while holding the original credential Single, Multiple, or Educational Specialist Credential and two years of occupational experience in the specific industry sector for the CTE credential they wish to obtain. Refer to the Credential Processing webpage for the Application for Credential Recommendation.
  • One additional year of documented successful CTE teaching experience completed while holding a preliminary CTE credential to qualify for the clear CTE credential.
  • If the original teaching credential does not include an authorization to teach English learners or if the individual does not hold a separate English learner authorization (i.e. Clear CLAD/BCLAD Certificate, Certificate of Completion of Staff Development) then the individual must complete ECTS 1000 – Early Orientation and the ECTS Designated Subjects Coursework for the English learner authorization.

Enroll today via CSUmentor and apply to the university as a graduate student in Career and Technical Education.

The part-time student tuition (0-6 units) is currently $1432.52 per quarter. The fulltime student tuition (6+ units) is $2198.52 per quarter. It does not cost any more to take three or four courses per quarter than it does to take two.

For a quick view of tuition cost, see this link.

Contact the COE Student services office for credentialing information at 909.537.5609. For additional information, contact Dr. Joe Scarcella at or 909.537.5287.