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Mathematics Subject Matter Authorization

Plan for Mathematics Introductory Authorization to Teaching Credentials

  • Meets guidelines for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing authorization for holders to teach mathematics in California public schools through grade 9 level. NCLB compliant.
  • Choose 48 quarter units from the matrix below.
  • Must include at least 4 quarter units in each required subject area (algebra; advanced algebra; geometry; probability and statistics; real number system or introduction to mathematics). 'X' in the matrix indicates course meets these requirements.
  • Course substitutions of like content from accredited community colleges, colleges and universities can be made with the approval of your advisor.

Plan for Mathematics Introductory Authorization to Teaching Credentials

Course Number, Title and Quarter Units Algebra Advanced Algebra Geometry Probability and Statistics Real Number System or Introduction to Math

Math 110College Algebra(4 Units)ORMath 10College Algebra at Community College

MATH 120Pre-CalculusMathematics(4 units)ORMATH 12Pre-Calculusat Community College   YES      
MATH 115The Ideas ofMathematics(4 units)ORMATH 13Liberal Arts Mathat Community College       YES  
MATH 180Critical Thinking throughApplications ofMathematical Logic(4 units)          
MATH 301AFundamental Concepts ofMathematics forEducators (Arithmetic/Geometry) (4 units)         YES
MATH 301BFundamental Concepts ofMathematics forEducators (Concrete toAbstract in Algebra/Geometry) (4 units)          
MATH 301CFundamental Concepts ofMathematics forEducators (FurtherDevelopments inAlgebra/Geometry)(4 units)          
MATH 308Problem Solving throughTheory and Practice(2 units)          
MATH 229Geometry in Two andThree Dimensions(4 units)     YES    
MATH 211Basic Concepts of CalculusORMATH 192Methods of Calculus(4 units)ORMATH 1ACalculusat Community College YES YES YES   YES
MATH 305Statistics: HypothesisTesting and EstimationOR MATH 262Applied Statistics(4 units)       YES  
MATH 199Technology in MathEducation throughProblem Solving(3 units)          
MATH 212Calculus II(4 units) YES YES YES   YES
MATH 272Discrete Mathematics(4 units)   YES