The information provided is for Time-Keepers to use as guidance for leave accounting documentation.
The information provided below may not apply to all scenarios. Please refer to the appropriate CSU Collective Bargaining Unit Agreements (MOUs) for details applicable to represented employees. Also, Employees should verify their leave information with the department Attendance Clerk(s).


December Docks are due on December 18, 2019. Time Keepers need to ensure that ALL employee docks are entered/reported into Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) by 5pm on December 18, 2019. Please send your Payroll Technician an email informing them about All docks as soon as possible, and when possible no later than December 18, 2019. 


December MPWA will open on December 20, 2019 and will need to be certified.


 November 2019 Hourly, Overtime, and Shift Differential Timesheets are due by December 5, 2019 at 5pm.

Student Listings

November 2019 Student Listings are due no later than December 5, 2019 at 10 am.

Important Note: This change ONLY impacts the Student Listings due date for Payroll. ALL Federal Work Study and Departmental deadlines still need to be observed.

Attendance Records

State Administrative Manual 8539 – Attendance Records:

  1. Agencies will maintain complete records of attendance and absences for each employee during each pay period.
  2. These records will be properly certified.
  3. Agencies may designate specific individuals to certify attendance. If specific individuals are not designated, an employee's supervisor will certify the attendance. Authorizing signatures will be compared to the lists, which will be continuously updated (Payroll Signature Authorization Forms).
  4. When time records are maintained by employees, they will be signed by both the employee and the employee’s supervisor.
  5. Persons certifying attendance reports cannot certify his/her own attendance report.

Payroll Procedures Manual D001 – Attendance Reporting:

  1. The State Uniform Payroll System (USPS) has 21 or 22 work days in each pay period. Beginning and ending dates vary.
  2. Departments/campuses have the full responsibility for accurate preparation of attendance reports.
  3. No state employee may be paid more than 21/22 days in a pay period unless paid as "extra hours" (shift differential, overtime, excess hours, stipends, bonuses, etc. - separate checks are issued from the master payroll warrants).
  4. Employees must be reported on "dock" (time deducted) if sufficient excess credit or leave credits have not been accrued and the normal shift is less than 21/22 days.
  5. Master Payroll warrants reflect the regular time employees are to be paid in the pay period (including holiday, sick leave, vacation, compensable time off, jury duty, etc).