Miscellaneous Payroll Forms

Form Description
Form to initiate a request to the employee's department head and supervisor requesting that the employee teach a course.
Worksheet to calculate the appropriate overtime rate for non-exempt staff who are approved to teach a course as lecturer.
Direct deposit authorization form to request payments to be automatically deposited into a designated bank account.
Procedure to Request a Duplicate W-2 Wage & Tax Statement Form Link to the State Controller's Office Fill and Print Duplicate W-2 Wage & Tax Statement Form PDF and Duplicate W-2 information.
Form to explain each section of the pay warrant and direct deposit advice
Form used to reconcile deficit hours with vacation, CTO, or personal holiday.
The Work Number user instructions for the online and phone employment and wage verification service.
The Work Number worksheet should be completed by employee and given to verifier.
Form used to request a copy of the information potentially given to those requesting employment information from The Work Number.

Payroll Processing Forms

Form Description
Absence and Additional Time Worked Report
Instructions for hourly employee reported time and pay certification

Absence and Additional Time Worked Report

Step by step guide for Personnel/Payroll System Authorization

Form used to identify department designees to collect paychecks and direct deposit advices, sign timesheets and student listings, etc.
Form used to identify the Attendance Clerk for Master Payroll Warrant Authorization process.

Absence Management Self-Service Forms

Form Description
Form is used to report absences taken, but not reported within 90 days of the current period and to correct/adjust absences for a finalized period.
Form is used to change employee work schedules to a 'Personal Schedule' that is not available in the Absence Management 'Predefined Schedule' list.