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Javad Varzandeh

Javad Varzandeh

Title: Professor

College: College of Business and Public Administration

Department: Information & Decision Sciences


Phone: (909) 537-5730

Office: JB 555

Office Hours: See dept. listing in JB-460

Dr. Varzandeh has received his PhD from Oklahoma State University, and has been teaching in the areas of supply chain management, Operations Management, International Business, Management Sciences, ERP-SAP and Quality Management during the past 20 years.
Dr. Varzandeh’s publications are in supply chain management, ERP, SAP, Quality and inventory management.
Dr. Varzandeh has developed and directed a number of seminars and workshops in 'Quality Control, Statistical Sampling, Master scheduling, Operations Scheduling, Just In Time, and Forecasting', nationwide. He has been educational consultant for a number of manufacturers, such as Hayden Corporation, General Dynamics, Rockwell International, Frolic Foot Industry, Midwest products, Falcon Jet Corporation and more during the past years.