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Why Choose a CSUSB MBA?

Ready to get serious about your MBA? Let CSUSB take you there!

Our MBA Online for Executives offers:

  • Financial aid, a flexible schedule, and the convenience of 100% online classes
  • Waiving the GRE/GMAT for your 2+ years of leadership experience
  • Managing classwork on your schedule to juggle school, work and home life responsibilities
  • The opportunity to learn with world-class faculty who have real-world business experience
  • The chance to attend a top-ranked, highly accredited school from anywhere in the world, or from across the Inland Empire

Thinking about the ROI of an MBA?

Business casts a wide net, and moving up in your career can be challenging. An MBA gives you a competitive advantage within the candidate pool, and the necessary skills to surge ahead.

Food for Thought:

Of course, your ROI depends on your job, your experience, your salary and your geography. If your current company, or the place you desire to work, offers increases and bonuses for employees with advanced degrees, then your return may happen relatively fast.  Having an MBA may well get you a better job with better pay and increased opportunities to move up. And it might open career doors you never even noticed before.But consider this: what can you bring to your job and your employer when you have an MBA?

  • Business Knowledge – An MBA from CSUSB prepares you to participate in a variety of facets of business to help it grow and be resilient during trying economic times as well as in times of prosperity.
  • Team and Communication Skills – Employers invest in their workforce; effective interpersonal communication is key for business leaders at all levels.
  • Entrepreneurial Approaches – From small to large companies, government agencies and community-based organizations, today’s institutions thrive on entrepreneurial spirit, skills and successes.
  • Leadership – What you learn in your CSUSB MBA is applicable in your current position, as well as those in your future.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today. Our staff and advisors are available to answer your questions and assist you through the eligibility, application and acceptance process.

Ready to go?  Send your resume and 250-word Statement of Purpose to for review for eligibility into the program. Consideration for the MBA Online is based on 2+ years of leadership experience in entry-level or mid-level management.