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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I submit my documents?

All official transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Letters of Recommendation and resumes may be submitted to the MBA Online Student Advisor, Ashley Howard, at

Where does my formal application get submitted?

To apply to the MBA Online program, you must submit your application through Cal State Apply. Once your application is submitted, it will be processed through the offices of Graduate Admissions, and will then be sent over to the MBA office for further review.

How many class hours per week? How many study hours per week?

Every unit asks for 5-6 hours of study time which totals 25-30 hours of study time per course.

Where can I find important dates and deadlines for each semester?

Please visit: Requirements for Admission for more information on deadlines.

How many weeks do these courses last?

Each course is taught in five week sessions. Students normally finish each class in five weeks.

When I finish my program, when do I receive my diploma?

Your degree is processed by the Office of the Registar. This can take up to 2-3 months as it is ordered from out of state. To inquire about the status, please contact them directly at (909) 537-5200.

How many classes do I need to take each quarter?

Students take two classes per quarter. The first class is taken during the first five weeks of the quarter and the second class is taken during the second five weeks of the quarter.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Students have the opportunity to either complete the program in the 18-month track or the convenient Flex track for additional time. To complete the program in 18 months, students need to start in intake 1 (session one), and follow the prescribed program plan.

Is a GMAT or GRE score required? If so, what department should this go to?

No, a GMAT or GRE is not required for admission into the MBA Online Program.

What’s the total number of courses required in this program?

Twelve courses are required to complete your MBA Online program. Students are also expected to complete our Boot Camp courses associated with six of the core classes before the start of their second quarter, unless later completion is approved by the MBA program.

After I review and sign my Program Plan, what happens next?

After a Program Plan is reviewed and signed by all required parties, it's sent over to the offices of Records, Registration and Evaluations for final clearance.

If you decide to change any of your elective courses, you must obtain prior approval by completing a Request for Change in Graduate Program Plan form, available in the Business Graduate Programs Office at (909) 537-5703.

If no, what other type of final exam is required?

There will be a culminating experience project which exemplifies the knowledge that you have obtained in the MBA Online Program.

Will the diploma state that it was an "Online" degree?

No! The diploma does not read "Online." It states Master in Business Administration just like the diploma for students in the traditional on-campus program.

When do I need to submit the Advancement to Candidacy form?

You must submit an Advancement to Candidacy after completion of at least 20 units of applicable graduate-level course work at the university, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (‘B’)

Is there a comprehensive exam course required?

A comprehensive exam isnot required for the completion of the MBA Online Program. This previous program requirement has been substituted by the comprehensive project course, which is completed at the end of the program (ADMN 691).

Is there an orientation for this program?

An online new student orientation will be available to you upon admission. Your Student Advisor, Ashley Howard, will send the link to the orientation. It's filled with helpful information that you can use throughout your program.

As an international student, what other departments do I need to contact?

You will work very closely with the Center of International Studies and Programs (CISP). You can contact them by \email or phone at:

(909) 537-5288 (admission inquiry); Fax: (909) 537-7020


Is an upper division writing course required?

The writing requirement is integrated in your first quarter with ADMIN 602. 

If the student does not score a B or better in Admin 602 - Advanced Managerial Communication in the first quarter, the student must repeat the course.

When admitted, how do I enroll in courses for my first quarter?

For your first classes, Program staff will enroll you in set courses. After that, you’ll receive an invitation to request your courses using an online form. You’ll consult your Program Plan to request courses. You’ll receive your program form from the Academic Advisor during your first term.

Can I take more than one course at a time to finish faster?

If a student were to take two courses at the same time, this would double thhe coursework load (50-60 hours per week) and is not really feasible for someone working full-time. Interested students may submit a request for exception to the Academic Advisor, and will be considered by the MBA Director.

How many core courses are there?

The program consist of 2 foundation courses, 7 essential core courses, 2 elective courses and 1 culminating experience course.

Why is there a CEGE Hold on my account?

A CEGE Hold is present to prevent students in degree programs from dropping or adding courses that are not a part of their program. The College of Extended and Global Education will add/drop you from your courses. The CEGE Hold will remain on your account for the duration of your program.

Is there any financial assistance for this program?

For information on financial assistance for the MBA Online Program contact the Financial Aid office at (909)537-5227.

What’s the difference between the online and traditional program?

The MBA Online for Professionals has a 5 year professional work experience requirement. This may be in a supervisory, management, or other leadership position. Your Student Advisor, Ashley Howard, can screen your resume to help determine if you have the required experience. The MBA Online program is also offered 100% online. The Traditional MBA program has a GMAT/GRE qualifying score requirement, and is offered in person on campus.

What is the cost for this program?

The total cost of the MBA Online Program is approximately $36,000.

When is the best time for me to file grad check?

A Graduation Requirement Check should be filed according to the filing deadlines found in the class schedule, as well as on our MBA website. The deadlines are also available through the Records Office website.

If you have not already filed your Graduation Requirement Check please do so according to the filing deadlines found in the class schedule. This is necessary for you to graduate and receive your diploma. For information on filing your Graduation Check please contact the offices of Records, Registration and Evaluations at (909) 537-5200.

Is a portfolio course required?

Yes. This course should be completed at the end of the program, typically concurrent with ADMN 691.