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Schedule of Courses

Spring Semester 2022

The dates for Spring Semester 2022 will be as follows: 

Session 1: January 24 - March 12, 2022

Session 2: March 21 - May 7, 2022

Textbook information can be found by clicking the hyperlink on the Course Number below. All textbook information is communicated to the Coyote Bookstore, and we link to the Bookstore website as we are updated with textbook information. 

Spring Semester 2022, Session 1: January 24 - March 12, 2022
Course Number Course Title Instructor Textbook
CJUS 3320-70 Theories of Crime & Delinquency Charles Adams Textbook(s)
CJUS 3330-70 Correctional Theory & Institutions Tayte Olma Textbook(s)
CJUS 4431-70 Community Corrections Erin Wolbeck Textbook(s)
CJUS 5580-70 Juvenile Justice Alexis Norris Textbook(s)
CJUS 5554-70 Terrorism Amanda Parker Textbook(s)
CJUS 5504-70 Criminal Procedure Janine Kremling Textbook(s)
CJUS 3312-70 Statistics in Criminal Justice Joshua Smallridge Textbook(s)
CJUS 4452-70 White Collar Crime Andrea Schoepfer Textbook(s)
SSCI 3160 -70 Race and Racism Charli Eaton   


Spring Semester 2022, Session 2: March 21 - May 7, 2022
Course Number Course Title Instructor Textbook
CJUS 3340-70 Police and Police Systems Christine Famega Textbook(s)
CJUS 4441-70 Community Policing Shuryo Fujita Textbook(s)
CJUS 4453-70 Gangs Douglas Weiss Textbook(s)
CJUS 4465-70 Hate Crime and Law Policy Steven Merrall Textbook(s)
CJUS 3312-71 Statistics in Criminal Justice Zachary Powell Textbook(s)
CJUS 5598-70 Integrative Studies in Criminal Justice John Reitzel Textbook(s)
SSCI 3060-70 Expository Writing for the Social Sciences Erin Wolbeck Textbook(s)
CJUS 3470-70 Crime Prevention Jennifer Hagala Textbook(s)
PHIL 3010-70 Truth, Lies, and BS Megan Zane Textbook(s)


Textbook Information can be found on the Coyote Bookstore’s website.