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Easy Ways with Favorite Fall Veggies

Many people want to eat healthier but not spend a lot of time preparing meals. This class offers many techniques and tips for creating quick, healthy meals that feature fruits and veggies. It’s not necessary to “go vegetarian” to transform an eating plan to the healthier side.

Easy Ways with Favorite Fall Veggies will explore fall favorites and introduce you to new ways to prepare veggies that recall aromas and flavors of the harvest. We’ll explore simple preparations that highlight in-season veggies like winter squash, sweet potatoes, fall fruits and more.​Participants receive a recipe booklet with recipes featured in the workshop, preparation tips, cookbook and product discounts, and an enjoyable afternoon tasting and learning easy ways to get more veggies on your plate. The interactive format allows for customizing the event to the interests and needs of those attending. Included note pages result in individualized take-home booklets.​Workshop will focus on seasonal veggies and the many accessory items that make them easy and delicious.Topics include:

  • Focus on fall veggies, their virtues and where to find them
  • Basic techniques with simple ingredients and easy instructions
  • Flavors and ingredients that appeal to a range of cultural tastes
  • Simple ways to get more vegetables in daily eating plans without a lot of extra work
  • Adaptations for special eating plans as needed and requested by the attendees 


Saturday, October 13, 12:00-2:30pm


CSUSB’s Yasuda Center, room 111. Park near the Yasuda Center in Lot A. A parking permit dispenser is nearby. $6 daily parking permit required.


$30 per person. Fee includes demonstration, hearty tasting, beverage, recipe booklet and opportunity to purchase Veggies in the Middle boutique cookbook. Campus parking fee additional ($6 weekdays, $3 weekends).

About Veggies in the Middle:

Veggies in the Middle, a food education enterprise, offers workshops, demonstrations and media to help you get more veggies on your plate. Quick and easy methods and readily accessible ingredients blend to make eating healthy easy and fun. More information at www.veggiesinthemiddle.comJolene Redvale holds an MA in Education and has been educating on sustaining nature for over 30 years. Her cookbook, Yellow Orange and Red: Veggies to Warm Your Tastebuds, offers 50+ recipes featuring simple tasty recipes, food lore and history, and nutrition tips.

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* Fees are subject to change