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Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Application Process

  1. Download the NFSP Application or the NFSP Pathway III (b) Application
  2. Complete the application and obtain all necessary signatures
  3. Submit the form below with your name, email address and upload your completed NFSP Application
  4. After submission of your completed NFSP Application, you will be contacted to complete a Skills Verification Test
  5. Upon successful completion of the Skills Verification Test, you will be contacted by the Nutricopia for payment
  6. Instructions on how to log into the online learning platform will be emailed to you and your access will be granted on your official start date


There are no academic prerequisites to begin the standard NFSP Training Program. The only requirement is that the students must find a qualified healthcare facility to be “exposed to a variety of quantity cooking and modified diets in the healthcare setting.”

The NFSP Pathway III (b) Training Program is available to students who have a minimum two years of full-time foodservice management experience in a non-commercial facility/institution, inclusive of third-party oversight, to complete the University’s Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Online Training Program without the on-site internship component; 

Sitting for the CDM, CFPP Credentialing Exam has eligibility requirements, with Pathway I being the completion of an ANFP-approved foodservice manager training program such as ours. Details on exam eligibility can be found on the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers website.

Questions or Need Assistance?

For assistance with general NFSP program questions or completing the application and its included forms, please contact the NFSP program coordinator at:


Submit your NFSP Application

If you encounter any issues with uploading your application, please contact us at (909) 537-5976 or