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The Paw Print

The Paw Print (First Year Experience Newsletter)

the Paw Print

Check out previous issues of The Paw Print. You will find links to resources, contact information for departments and some general updates about being a new student at CSUSB. 

The Paw Print, Issue 1: Academic Success

The Paw Print, Issue 2: Getting Involved and Engaged

The Paw Print, Issue 3: Important Next Steps and Checklist

The Paw Print, Issue 4: Financing College

The Paw Print, Issue 5: Navigating Culture Shock

The Paw Print, Issue 6: Weeks of Welcome - Week 0

The Paw Print, Issue 7: Weeks of Welcome - Week 1

The Paw Print, Issue 8: Weeks of Welcome - Week 2

The Paw Print, Issue 9: September Edition