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What We Do

The University Ombuds works with university community members to help resolve university-related problems in a fair and civil manner. The Office of Ombuds Services is a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal resource.

CSUSB Ombuds PowerPoint

Ombuds: Unusual Name, Important Service

Office of Ombuds Services Rolls and Responsibilities 

The Ombuds can:

  • listen to your concerns
  • help you to identify issues and consider ways to reframe them that may help you reach a solution
  • help you to uncover and question your assumptions
  • help you to identify, understand, and evaluate your options
  • assist you in resolving disputes
  • provide information on appropriate University policies, including the Student Code of Conduct, student grievance/complaint procedures, etc.
  • explain University policies and procedures
  • refer you to the right office or other appropriate resources/processes
  • provide information to the President (while maintaining confidentiality) regarding problematic trends/issues/systemic matters
  • recommend policy changes to remedy systemic problems

The Ombuds cannot:

  • tell you what to do
  • advocate on your behalf in reaching a resolution
  • make or change University decisions, rules, or policies
  • set aside a decision or supersede the authority of another University official
  • supplant an existing process or procedure
  • provide legal advice
  • testify in a formal grievance or legal proceeding with respect to confidential communication
  • conduct formal investigations
  • accept notice of claims against the University.