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University Ombuds Powerpoint

The University Ombuds works with university community members to help resolve university-related problems in a fair and civil manner. The Office of Ombuds Services is a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal resource.

CSUSB Ombuds Powerpoint

Department, Faculty and Community Visitation Request Form

We look forward in educating the university community on the Ombuds Program.  Below is the Visitation Request Form to submit a request for the University Ombuds Officer, Director of Ombuds Services to visit your department, class, or any university organization group to present information on the Ombuds Program.  

Department, Faculty and Community Visitation Form

Department, Faculty and Community Visitation Request Flyer

#Ombuds Day 2022

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#Ombuds Day 2021

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We Proudly Celebrate National Ombuds Day!

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Ombuds: Unusual Name, Important Service


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