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Complaint Reference Chart

This chart lists out the various categories of complaints and the department, or individual, which handles it.

Staff / Applicant for Admission Complaint Resources Reference List
Nature of Complaint Who is bringing the complaint to your attention? Who/what is the complaint filed against Action
Sexual Assault/Intimidation/Threat to safety  Anyone Anyone Contact the University Police Department dispatch (non-emergency) at 909-537-7777; IF EMERGENCY DIAL 911
Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation based on gender or sexual orientation* Anyone Anyone Refer the individual to David Hou, Executive Director, Institutional Equity & Compliance, SH-131, 909-537-5669
Assistance informally resolving problems, complaints or university-related concerns Anyone Anyone Refer the individual to Twillea Evans-Carthen, Director,  University Ombuds, PL-268, 909-537-5635