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Your Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a financially self-supporting program that does not receive any state funding. Membership fees and endowment interest are our largest sources of revenue, but they still don't cover our full operating costs. We rely on the generosity of our members to keep the program thriving and affordable.Making a financial gift is one way to appreciate the impact OLLI has had on your life in retirement. Your gift will help ensure the long-term sustainability of the enriching educational and social programming that touches the lives of so many seniors throughout the Coachella Valley. Your gift ensures that OLLI has:

  • the capacity to expand and adjust to changing needs
  • the staff to provide a high level of service for all members and instructors
  • the space and ability to serve lifelong learners throughout the Coachella Valley
  • the resources to be innovative and entrepreneurial, whatever the economic climate

Please consider a gift to OLLI at a level that is comfortable for you. Your support matters and is greatly appreciated.


Give Today

  • Make a single donation of any amount.
  • Make a multi-year pledge, with convenient payments to fit your budget. Learn more about the Legacy Program
  • Gifts help bridge the gap between membership revenues and operating costs, and provide flexibility to create new initiatives and programs.
  • You can also designate your gift to support a specific program, course, or instructor. 


Give for Tomorrow

Wills, Trusts & Retirement Accounts
One of the simplest ways to provide a charitable legacy is through your will or trust. Life insurance policies, investment accounts, and retirement accounts can also be used to create your charitable legacy. You select the specific amount or percentage, and you maintain the ability to change or revoke the gift throughout your lifetime. This option is the easiest and most flexible.
Typically, you select the stock to be gifted at its appreciated value and make an outright gift through a transfer of shares. You can minimize or eliminate taxes on capital gains, and in most cases, you can deduct the full amount of the fair market value of the stock as a donation.
In exchange for your annuity gift, you will receive a fixed, periodic payment for life, sometimes at a higher payout than other investment options. A portion of the distributions may be tax-free or taxed at a more favorable rate. Annuities often provide an immediate federal income tax deduction for a portion of the gift.
Charitable Remainder Trusts
A charitable remainder trust allows you to receive an income now through fixed, periodic payments. At the termination of the trust, the remainder is transferred to OLLI at CSUSB. This type of trust can eliminate taxes on capital gains, plus you can select the payout rate and duration of the trust.


Thank You, OLLI Supporters

A huge THANK YOU to our OLLI donors! Your commitment to the future of our OLLI is greatly appreciated.


  • Anonymous Donor
  • Brenda Anderson
  • Sue Anderson
  • Sue Anderson, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Don Andresen
  • Jerry & Sharon Appel
  • Jane Arthur
  • Cash & Betty Baxter
  • Robert Becking
  • Kay Bell
  • Hal & Peggy Bernthal
  • Cynthia Bird
  • Timothy & Yuan Brady, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Marianne Bragman
  • Murray Breidbart
  • Jack Brennan
  • Gary Brown
  • Frances Burnett
  • Edward Byrnes
  • Donna Caponi
  • Elaine Carlson, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Evelyn Casino
  • Nate Cheney, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Diane Clements, in memory of Elaine Conway
  • Mark & Ruena Close, in memory of Elaine Conway
  • Heather Clifton
  • Darrell Cozen
  • Michael Craft Johnson
  • Ken & Patsy Crouser, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Bob & Sherry Cupp
  • Roger & Sandra Custer
  • George DeGraffenreid & Darlene Kretchmer
  • Roger & Peggy Douglas
  • Sheila Dulin
  • Janice Dunn
  • James Eisenberg
  • Norma Faulkner, in memory of Elaine Conway
  • Jack Flanigan, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Peter & Bobbie Fleury
  • Martha Florin
  • Larry Fox & Gail Baum, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Sheila Freeman
  • Zelda Friednash
  • Hartley Gaylord
  • Heather Gehring
  • Callie Gilbert & Bill Sederowitz
  • Dennis & Karen Gilmore
  • Howard Goldberg
  • Ted Goldman
  • Barbara Grashin, in memory of Elaine Conway
  • George Green, in honor of Cash Baxter
  • Judy Halpern
  • Thomas L. Harris
  • Butch & Mary Jane Heath, in memory of Elaine Conway
  • Patrick Hickinbottom
  • Rhiannon Howell
  • Lily Kanter
  • Dale & Janice Knorr
  • Dale Knorr, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Bud Krause
  • Sandye Lerner
  • Ruth Lindemann
  • Reno Littman
  • Patricia Macklin
  • David Madsen
  • Elaine Mandel
  • Nicky & Lester Mayber
  • Randall Morton
  • Sue Robinson Neeb & Bill Neeb
  • Carole Nelson
  • Johnna Norris
  • Richard Norris
  • RuthAnn Nydam
  • Aaron & Jean Oshry
  • Marsha Pachter
  • Walter Palmer & Sandra Spencer
  • Vicki Pass, in memory of Sam Schwartz
  • Eileen Pinkerton
  • Barbara Powers
  • Raye Price
  • James & Karen Reichardt
  • Donald Reifer
  • Jennifer Ridewood
  • Cindra Rowell
  • Mela Sarda
  • Cathy Schaub
  • Carol & Marty Seltzer
  • Shawn Shepherd & Jeff Davis
  • Merrie Lyn Shickler
  • Merrie Lyn Shickler, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Rachel Siegel
  • Sheila Sloan
  • Gary & Nanci Smaby
  • Tema Smith
  • Ray M. Smythe & Steve E. Oliver
  • Doris Steadman
  • Jerdy Sterling
  • James & Betsy Stilwell
  • Don & Maureen Sullivan
  • Kevin Sweeney & Dion Blundell
  • Kevin Sweeney & Dion Blundell, in memory of Zora Sweeney
  • Kevin Sweeney & Dion Blundell, in honor of Jerdy Sterling
  • Eileeen Todd, in memory of George Farant Todd
  • Alan Webbe
  • Audrey Whaley
  • Ann Wiley, in memory of Sam Schwartz
  • Jane Woldenberg
  • Penny Wrobel
  • Jake Zhu
  • Beverly Zweig, in memory of Erica Reich Goldberg



Interested in learning more? To discuss giving options that have meaning for you, please contact us at (909) 537-8248 or