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Degree Requirements


MS in Environmental Sciences Degree Requirements Semester System

MS in Geology Degree Requirements Semester System

Here is the form to fill out Change of Program Application if you started in Quarters and choose to follow one of the semester degrees.  The form is a fillable PDF.  Fill it out, sign it, and email it to the Program Coordinator.
An Approved Graduate Plan must be filed with the graduate coordinator before enrolling in Graduate Research Methods and Design (CHEM or GEOL 6940) or in CHEM/GEOL 6950. The Approved Graduate Plan is also required for advancement to candidacy for the M.S. degree. The student must first be classified in order for the plan to be approved, which means all of the admission requirements have been met, and any other conditions that may have been specified if admitted as conditionally classified. The Approved Graduate Plan must be filed, by the Graduate Coordinator, with the Office of the Registrar in order for a Graduation Check to be completed. The Approved Graduate Plan is signed by the coordinator and the student's committee, which consists of a chair and two additional faculty members. The student works most closely with his or her committee chair.  The Approved Graduate Plan is to be accompanied by a Thesis or Project Proposal, describing the work the student plans to do for their Thesis or Project.

Approved Graduate Plan for Environmental Sciences form (2020-2021 Catalog)

Approved Graduate Plan for Geology form (2020-2021 Catalog)

The terminal course is CHEM or GEOL 6970. Before or during the semester of completion, the Thesis or Project is sent to the Graduate Studies office for format approval, after the content being approved by the student's committee and after being successfully defended. If extra time is required to complete the Thesis or Project beyond the semester in which other courses are taken, the student must enroll in CHEM or GEOL 698 (Continuous Graduate Enrollment).

Requirements from the Quarter System, which ended in June 2020:

MSEES PSM Option Degree Requirements: If you need the Graduate Plan form for this degree plan, please email the program coordinator.
MSEES Geology Option Degree Requirements: If you need the Graduate Plan form for this degree plan, please email the program coordinator.

Fall 2020 brought SEMESTERS! These two degree options are now separate M.S. programs, which includes substantial changes to the degree structures.  If you have started under the Quarter System, you have the option of continuing with those degree requirements or changing to be held to the Semester System degree requirements.  Please consult with your Committee Chair and the Program Coordinator to determine which works better for you.