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Tuition and Fees

MPA Estimated Tuition Costs 2020 - 2021

Students often ask about the total cost of the MPA degree or cost per credit. This is complicated by a variety of factors.

Costs for the MPA vary depending on:

  1. California resident or non-resident status
  2. Number of classes taken per term
  3. Number of online classes taken

These are approximate costs: 

California Residents Taking Only Traditional Courses (no online)
  Tuition Semesters till Completion Total Cost Per Unit
One Class a Semester $2,710 x                 12                 =  $32,520 $903
Two Classes a Semester $2,710 x                 6                  =  $16,260 $451
Three Classes a Semester $4,216 x                 4                  = $16,864 $468
California Residents Taking Online Courses ($135 per unit)
  Tuition Semesters till Completion Total Cost Per Unit
One Class a Semester $3,115 x                 12                 =  $37,380 $1,038
Two Classes a Semester $3,520 x                 6                  =  $21,120 $587
Three Classes a Semester $5,431 x                 4                  = $21,724 $604

Non-resident and International Students - There is an additional $396 charge per unit in addition to the tuition prices listed above. 

$396 per unit X 36 units = $14,258

More About Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to most students who attend CSUSB. It is normally awarded on an annual basis. The first thing to do is go to the CSUSB Financial Aid website and review the various opportunities.

More information will be listed as it becomes available.


General grants and loans require the completion of the FAFSA form, available on the FAFSA website. These are due in March of each year, but should be filled out as soon as possible because some aid is awarded based on when the application was submitted. There is a significant amount of Cal State grant money available for graduate students based on financial need.  See the Graduate Studies Website.

Grants & Scholarships

The State University Grants or SUGs are available only to students in fully classified status. 

Apply for the Graduate Equity Fellowship via the CSUSB Scholarship Application:

CSUSB Scholarship Application

The second category is scholarships. These are generally coordinated through the Financial Aid Office. A single application form is used for most scholarships. The CSUSB Scholarship Application will be available online via MyCoyote. Look for the 'Apply Scholarship Online' link. General and orientation workshop information, and a list of scholarships, can be found on the Financial Aid website. The general online application must be submitted electronically by the deadline listed on the application.

Also see information on Student Employment.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Students should keep in mind several student loan forgiveness programs.

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program forgives the remaining balance on your Direct Loan after you have made 120 qualifying monthly payments while working for a government or non profit organization. 

Student Loan Forgiveness

Related to this program is an income driven forgiveness plan.  If your outstanding federal student loan debt is higher than your annual income or if it represents a significant portion of your annual income you may want to repay your debt under an income driven repayment plan.

Income Driven Foregiveness Plan

These are important options that reward those in public service.  Check them out.

Also see information on Student Employment.