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Minor in PA

About Minors at CSUSB

The minor is a pattern of courses similar to the major, but less comprehensive. The number of units required for a minor varies with each department. Requirements are listed in each department's section of the catalog, refer to the page numbers given. Minors can only be granted for the same term in which the student graduates with an undergraduate degree. Minors will not be automatically dropped if the requirements have not been fulfilled by the term for which the student's graduation is posted. A minor is posted to the official transcript, but does not appear on the diploma.

All minors require a 2.0 grade point average. A minimum of 12 units of the coursework required for the minor must be completed through regular enrollment at CSUSB. Some minors require a higher minimum, check with the department for requirements.

A minor must be declared on the Minor Request Form, available in the Office of the Registrar. If the requested minor is in the same department as the major, the department chair's approval will be required on the form.

Requirements for a minor in Public Administration (28 units):

Lower-division requirement (4 units)

  • ECON 200. Principles of Microeconomics (4)

Upper-division requirements (24 units)

  • ECON 475. Public Economics (4)  [Certain course substitutions permitted]
  • Four units chosen from:
    • MGMT 302. Management and Organizational Behavior (4) [Preferred]
    • PSYC 302. Management and Organizational Behavior (4)
  • Four units chosen from:
    • PA 380. Introduction to Public Administration (4) [Preferred]
    • PSCI 380. Introduction to Public Administration (4)
  • PA 462. Public Personnel Administration (4)
  • PA 463. Governmental Budgeting (4)
  • PA 472. Administrative Law (4)