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Concentration in Public Financial Management


Public financial management is a universal governmental concern.  Many public and non-profit agencies experience financial difficulties leading to dysfunctional political turmoil, lower service responsiveness, and erosion of citizen confidence in public institutions.

The Public Financial Management Concentration supports development of applied and theoretical public financial expertise through five courses. It provides a skill set which is highly valued and in constant demand by public as well as nonprofit agencies. The Concentration prepares MPA graduates to make strong organizational contributions focused on public financial management.


A Concentration in Public Financial Management requires students to take the regular MPA core which includes PA 663: Public Budgeting and Finance and PA 615: Public Financial Management. Three elective courses are required with at least one from the following two courses:
PA 617: Management of Local Economic Development, or
PA 630: Program Evaluation

Students may select any two of the following for the required second and third electives:
PA 557: Public Sector Labor Relations
PA 564: Local Public Administration 
PA 590: Special Topics: Fundraising and Leadership for Nonprofits
PA 617: Management of Local Economic Development
PA 630: Program Evaluation
PA 655: Strategic Planning for Government
PA 661: Principles of Public Procurement
FIN 602: Financial Theory and Corporate Finance

Other classes related to Public Financial Management may be acceptable if approved by the MPA Director

Comprehensive Exam Requirement: Those electing to take the Public Financial Management Concentration MUST answer course based questions for PA 615 and PA 663