Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership

The Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership is an unofficial recognition open to all CSUSB undergraduate and graduate students from all CSUSB colleges and is also open to non-CSUSB students. 

To complete the certificate, students must achieve a minimum grade of ‘B’ in PA 514 | Management of Nonprofit Organizations and any two of the following three courses:

  • PA 590 | Fundraising and Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations  
  • PA 590 | Executive Nonprofit Leadership
  • PA 501 | Administrative Leadership 

When CSUSB shifts to semesters in 2020, the Public Administration department will offer an official Nonprofit Leadership concentration which will be part of your transcript. While the interim Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership will not appear on transcripts, each student will receive a physical certificate with the Public Administration logo, signed by Dr. Jonathan Anderson, the chair of the department, and Dr. Anthony Silard, coordinator of the nonprofit leadership focus, that students will be able to reference in their resumés/CVs.

If you are interested in completing the Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership, please send a brief email to Kate Perry at 003557878@coyote.csusb.edu stating “I would like to do the Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership.”