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2020 Semester Conversion

Academic Calendar beginning Summer 2020. 

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2020-2021 Courses and Course Schedule


General Information on Semester Conversion

Beginning Fall 2020, CSUSB will convert to a semester system.   Semesters will be 15 weeks long.  Fall semester will begin around mid-August and end around mid-December.  Spring semester will begin mid-January and run through mid-May.

The general rule is that you follow requirements for the catalog year you were admitted - or the catalog year when you graduate.  This is your choice.

Semester courses will be three (3) units and weekly classes will be 3 rather than 4 hours long.

MPA 2020 Semester Program Requirements

The MPA degree under semesters will be 36 units- which consists of twelve 3 unit classes

This includes seven required core and five elective classes, plus two semesters of a zero (0) unit professional seminar.

MPA Required Core Classes

  • PA 6110 Public Administration Theory and Practice - Writing Intensive
  • PA 6030 Research Methods in Administration
  • PA 6620 Human Resource Management
  • PA 6630 Public Budgeting and Finance
  • PA 6640 Management of Public Organizations
  • PA 6800 Public Policy Analysis
  • PA 6550 Capstone: Strategic Planning for Government and Nonprofit Organizations (Must be passed with a B or higher grade)
  • PA 6985 Professional Development Seminar - Monthly Webinar

Three internal concentrations:

  • 5010 Administrative Leadership
  • 6500 Government in the Digital Age
  • 6720 Administrative Regulation
Public Financial Management:
  • 6150 Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
  • 6300 Program Evaluation
  • 6610 Principles of Public and Nonprofit Procurement
Nonprofit management:
  • PA 5140 Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • PA 5150 Executive Nonprofit Leadership
  • PA 5170 Nonprofit Fundraising and Grantwriting

Two open electives (6 units).

Two external concentrations:

Cybersecurity - Five classes in addition to the Core
  • IST 6090 Information Systems and Technology Management
  • IST 6470 Database Management and Policy
  • IST 6700 Cybersecurity Policy and Risk Management
  • IST 6730 Cybersecurity Theory and Practice
  • IST 6890 Enterprise Architecture Planning, Strategy, Security and Policy
Social Work - Concurrent Degree - See Catalog

All students will take PA 6980 the Comprehensive exam.

Students whose programs overlap quarters and semesters will have to work closely with the Department to ensure they are on the right path, depending on which catalog they choose to follow.

In most cases, 4 unit quarter classes will count as equivalent to 3 unit semester classes.