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Program Requirements

If awarded, fellows are expected to abide by the following program requirements:

  1. Maintain a minimum of a 3.5 GPA
  2. Complete and submit an annual online survey to the Mellon Foundation.
  3. Conduct an individual research project under the guidance of an MMUF Faculty Mentor.
  4. Create and update a Research Timeline that will be an overview of your research from the start to the completion of your research project.
  5. Submit project timelines once per quarter, signed by your mentor reporting on the progress that has occurred. Timelines are due at the beginning of the first week of each quarter.
  6. Submit grade progress reports during the middle of each quarter, signed by each professor for the course you are taking.
  7. Submit a complete research project (written and presentation) at the completion of the two-year fellowship.
  8. Attend all MMUF required/mandatory meetings including but not limited to:
    1. 4-week summer on-campus residency research program -2 summers
    2. Bi-weekly meetings/seminar with the program coordinators.
    3. West Coast Conference (will require travel)
    4. SCCUR Conference (will require travel)
    5. “Meeting of the Minds” Student Research Symposium
    6. CSUSB Student Research Competition
    7. CUR and field-specific conferences (will require travel)
    8. Fall Reception
    9. Recruitment sessions
    10. Any group activities (field trips, etc.)
  9. Attend regular meeting with your MMUF Faculty Mentor.
  10. Submit your research project for review and publication to the MMUF Journal.
  11. Take the GRE exam no later than [month] your graduating year from CSUSB.
  12. Within one year of graduating from CSUSB, you must submit a plan for graduate school- identify schools, identify who will submit letters or recommendations, etc.
  13. Complete the paperwork for the Social Science Research Council.
  14. Complete the loan forgiveness paperwork and submit to program coordinators.
  15. Complete an exit interview and survey program coordinators.