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The Student Mentoring Program/LINK fosters a sense of purpose through major and career exploration, professional identity development, campus engagement, and a sense of belonging. Career readiness is promoted by pairing sophomores, transfer, and continuing students with student mentors to engage in the LINK (learn, innovate, network, know) curriculum. Students who participate in the program establish relationships with LINK leaders to explore co-curricular and professional experiences that complement academic preparation.  




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The mission of the LINK, Lead | Innovate | Network | Know, program is to work with transfer and continuing students at CSUSB. LINK leaders encourage academic excellence, career readiness, and campus sense of belonging for participating LINK members.


Curriculum Engagement

  • Utilize resources
  • Improve academics
  • Network with Staff & Faculty
  • CSUSB Successful Navigation

Engage in Career Center Workshops

  • Discover work environments that match ideal career paths
  • Gain experiential education in identified areas
  • Identify steps for post-grad career planning
  • Develop career plan and e-portfolio

Engage in Campus Activities

  • Foster sense of belonging
  • Clubs, Orgs & Greek life
  • Develop personal & leadership skills
  • Demonstrate personal agency
  • Confidence to reach goals
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