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The MA or MAT project is often the culminating experience in the degree and this work is presented in a thesis. Mathematical symbols and notation are difficult to incorporate in most word processors. The preferred system for typing mathematical documents is LaTeX (developed by Leslie Lamport) which is a document setting program for the TeX typesetting program created by Donald Knuth. It is the preferred typesetting program for use by many mathematical journals including the American Mathematical Society.

The Department of Mathematics is now requiring that MA theses be done in LaTeX, using the ucthesis style. The front pages must be done as required by Graduate Studies. LaTeX is available on the computers in the Math Labs (JB-382, JB-384, and JB-390). If you wish to install LaTeX on your own computer, you will want to obtain Miktex. A link providing instructions on how to install and use Miktex is given below.

There are many good resources available to learn about LaTeX. A good introduction for beginners is The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e. More links to LaTeX guides may be found at Latex Project.

MA Thesis Resources

  • How to obtain Latex
  • Use MR Lookup from the American Mathematical Society for bibliographical information