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Teaching Associate

The Department of Mathematics offers paid Teaching Associate positions to qualified graduate students in the M.A. or the M.A.T. Those wishing to become a Teaching Associate (TA) should contact the M.A. Coordinator, Dr. Stanton. Interviews are held each spring quarter for the position to begin the following fall. On occasions, interviews might be held in fall and/or winter quarter based on need and budget. Only fully classified graduate students are eligible to apply.

A TA is typically given the opportunity to teach mathematics courses at the developmental level (Math 80 or Math 90). TA's may be given one or two courses per quarter depending upon need, budget and availability as well as the continued recommendations of the M.A. Coordinator and the Developmental Math Coordinator. The Department of Mathematics does not support a TA position more than nine quarters. If, in the view of the Department, the TA position is preventing the student from achieving satisfactory progress toward the degree, then the TA position may be terminated indefinitely.

A TA is expected to meet all regular teaching duties such as meeting classes on time, providing appropriate evaluation of student work, hold appropriate Office Hours and conduct themselves in a professional manner. In addition, TA's are required to attend weekly TA meetings with other TA's, the M.A. Coordinator and the Developmental Math Coordinator.