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General Policies

3-D Printing

Print Limit: To ensure the printers are available for everyone, there is a 2 File Submission limit per week. If a print consists of multiple parts, we will only be able to print 2-3 objects (depending on size) per build plate, and have it count as a single file. Please feel free to come in during operating lab hours, for any recommendations on submitting your prints.

Turnaround Time: Unless marked urgent with a legitimate reason, the files will be printed in the order they are submitted. Prints may take upwards of two weeks to complete during peak demand. Notification emails pertaining to completed prints will normally be sent out Fridays, however, prints may be picked up during regular lab hours regardless of email status.

User Agreement: By making use of this service, you agree to use it for lawful purposes that respect the policies of CSU, San Bernardino and the John M. Pfau Library as well as the safety and well-being of all students, staff, faculty and patrons.

3D Scanning

Students and staff are allowed to scan objects during regular lab hours on a first come first serve basis. No reservation is required, however, all scanned objects must adhere to the CSU San Bernardino and John M. Pfau Library policies.

CNC Mill

Students and staff are allowed to mill copper, aluminum, wood, wax and other materials approved by the CNC Mill user guide. A list of materials can be found here:

CNC milling is on a first come first serve basis and requires the supervision of Innovation Lab student assistants.

3D Printing Policy


The John M. Pfau Library at Cal State San Bernardino is committed to providing students access to emerging technologies that inspire creativity, innovation and academic excellence. To that end, our Innovation Lab offers 3-D printing using hardware and software at the forefront of technology.


The Lab’s 3D printers are available to CSUSB students who wish to create three-dimensional objects in plastic using computer-aided design, modeling and scanning. Users are encouraged to explore the heights of their imagination, both individually and in collaboration with other explorers of 3D printing technology.

The Lab is primarily for student use. However, faculty and staff may use its resources for a class or student project.

Student-submitted print jobs are given priority over faculty and staff projects. Class-based assignments take precedence over personal projects.

To ensure that the printers are available for everyone, there is a two-file submission limit per week. Exceptions can be made for class assignments.

Safety and Copyright Considerations

To protect the safety and well-being of the campus community, the Lab’s 3D printers shall not be used to produce objects or materials that are:

  1. Prohibited by state, federal or local law.
  2. Unsafe, harmful or dangerous such as knives, guns, weapon facsimiles and accessories.
  3. Subject to patent, trademark, copyright or license protection.

Statement of Values

The John M. Pfau Library strongly believes in and is committed to the inherent right of free expression in all of its forms and manifestations. We affirm and endorse the principles and values set forth in the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights and Code of Ethics


By submitting content, the user agrees to assume all responsibility for, and shall hold the library harmless in, all matters related to patented, trademarked, regulated, licensed, or copyright materials.

The library is not responsible for the functionality or quality of content produced on its 3D printers.

The library is not responsible for any object created with its 3D printers, including any harm or injury incurred from any usage of said equipment.

The library reserves the right to approve and deny all 3-D printing requests. The size and scope of printing requests will be limited by the current equipment capacity.