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Academic Advising

Advising is vital to student success. Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration  students are encouraged to regularly seek advising. Resources for advising include Faculty, Department Chairs, as well as the Student Success Center (SSC).

Selecting a Concentration

Administration degrees are offered as a Bachelor of Arts, with multiple concentrations from which to choose. Students majoring in Administration are required to select a concentration, preferably within junior year (60 semester/90 quarter units). Administration students are required to complete core courses in addition to concentration coursework. 

Students selecting the Bachelor of Science, Information Systems and Technology (IST) follow a different set of requirements; however, core, as well as concentration courses must be completed. 

Links to requirement checklists and roadmaps are listed below.

Program Advising Worksheet for Students (PAWS)

The PAWS is an automated credit summary for undergraduate students, which provides a listing of all coursework required to graduate from CSUSB.  The PAWS includes courses currently, or previously taken (from any institution), as well as deficient courses required to complete a bachelor's degree. The PAWS is an excellent resource, is unique to every student, and should be used in conjunction with the degree requirement checklists and roadmaps listed below.

PAWS reports are available via My Coyote student portal. 

Degree Requirement Checklists and Roadmaps

Degree requirement checklists provide a comprehensive list of general education, lower and upper division core, as well as concentration courses.

Roadmaps are designed to assist undergraduate students with the scheduling process by providing a recommended sequence of courses, enabling students to graduate in a timely manner.  Although students may not maintain the exact courses indicated, a balanced combination of courses is recommended.

Select the relevant major below to view the 2020-2021 checklists and roadmaps.

2020 - 2021 Checklists and Roadmaps

Bachelor of Arts, Administration - All Concentrations

Bachelor of Science, Information Systems & Technology - All Concentrations

Undergraduate Advising - Scheduling an Appointment

Administration and IST students seeking assistance with registration, schedules, and/or questions regarding degree requirements can call, click, or email to schedule a Zoom advising appointment.

Students seeking assistance with curriculum requirements and expectations, or career options within a specific concentration, are encouraged to meet with either the Department Chair, or Faculty member. To accommodate student advising, faculty maintain open office hours on a quarterly basis. Find a faculty advisor.

All lower division (1000 and 2000 level) general education and administration/IST core requirements may be completed at a community college. is useful when determining CSUSB course equivalents from California community colleges and Universities.