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Marketing Advisory Board

The Marketing Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity regarding curriculum issues and reports these to the Marketing Department. The Board supports and engages in high impact practices with students that include but are not limited to student recruitment, guest speaking, shadowing, and student-company partnerships such as class projects, internships, and employment opportunities.  The Advisory Board serves to engage in fundraising for the program including but not limited to scholarships and research. The Advisory Board is an integral part of the experiential programming in all the department’s programs for all students; bridging the gap between the student experience and the “real world”.

The primary objectives of the Advisory Board are to support the goals and policies of the Marketing Department by:

  1. Facilitating and promoting collaborations while leveraging resources to impact student recruitment, retention, graduation, and promotion.
  2. Assist in placing students at internship and employment sites
  3. Assist the Department of Marketing in setting priorities, including participating in ongoing planning activities of its various programs.
  4. Help build student demand for Marketing, Sports & Entertainment, International Business and Hospitality Management Programs and recruit students.
  5. Engage in fundraising to support student –related activities, events, scholarships and research.
  6. Participate in student activities such as the annual Coyotes of Comedy Club and the Spring Classic Golf Tournament.


The members of the Advisory Board are leaders in the sports & entertainment, marketing, international business and hospitality management, and community leaders.

The serve in a volunteer capacity.  Current or past members include:

  1. Stephanie Harvey, Marketing Management, City of Riverside,
  2. Amanda Flood, Executive Team Leader, Target,
  3. Michael Kovak, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House IE,
  4. Rasmey Sam, CEO Asian American Resource Center,
  5. Rami Tameez, President Legacy financial services,
  6. Manal Iskander, Owner, Green Shack Marketplace,
  7. Jordan Smith, Operations Manager, Inland Empire 66er’s Baseball Team,
  8. Lowell Trask, Owner, Vacuums etc.,
  9. Michael Assumma, Chair Business Department, SBVC,
  10. Andrew Oakes, co-owner of Green Acres Design, Redlands
  11. Jacob Poore, Coyote Advertising, CSUSB, and former President of AAF – Inland Empire
  12. Mandi Batalo, Chair, Art Department, SBVC,
  13. Jill Eaton, Marketing Director, Komen IE,
  14. Trisha Wright, QBE Insurance,
  15. Axel Spangenberg, Director, Product Marketing Spectrum Brands,
  16. Jua-Nita Houston, Director of Marketing, External Relations & Diversity, Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio