Drupal Training Material

Welcome to our Drupal training page, where you'll find a growing number of documents and videos to remind you how to perform some of the most common tasks for editing your website. From making a new page to uploading a file, we plan to break down all Drupal tasks into their smallest parts so that you can get in, get trained, and move on with your day. 

We are always open to suggestions for this page. If you have any, please email us at

For technical or accessibility assistance with your website, please contact the Web Services team at Don't have access to edit your Drupal site? Please have your supervisor fill out the Content Editor Permission Request form first. After that you can select a training date and email Rob Garcia at to let him know which date you'd like to attend. A list of future training dates is on our main Web Services page.


If you're trying to edit a page and don't see the content you expect, you may need to go to the Drupal menu (that's the black bar) and select Content. Here is a list of content types that you can only edit through the Content menu item:

  • FAQ
  • Gallery Images
  • Link Block
  • Blog Entry
  • Meeting Archive (Meeting Minutes)
  • Slide (in an existing slideshow)
  • Spotlight

Content Editor - How To Videos

How to Add a Page

<a href=""></a>

How To Add An FAQ

<a href=""></a>

How To Edit An FAQ

<a href=""></a>

How to Upload a File and Create a Link to It

<a href=""></a>

How to Update a  File

<a href=""></a>

Event Creation in Drupal

As content editors you can add events to our campus events calendar, and more importantly, to your own website. 

  1. Add an event
  2. Display the event on the Campus Events Calendar
  3. Group your events and important dates/announcements separately so that they can be displayed anywhere on your website.
  4. Display campus events other than your own on your website

How To Add An Event / Announcement

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How To Display Others Events On Your Website

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