CSUSB Mobile Device Standards and Guidelines

Revision Date February 20, 2012

Criteria and approval

The department manager identifies the employees who qualify for a cellular phone or other mobile device. The department manager also identifies the respective business needs for each employee, based on the following criteria. Managers should identify all criteria that apply to each employee who will be using a mobile device:

Employee availability 24/7

Significant portion of work assignments are off site or in the field

Access in case of emergencies required

Programmatic needs identified by manager

Approval by the respective vice president is required for the issuance of any university provided mobile device.

Carrier Charges and Billing

CSUSB Mobile Devices using a public carrier are consolidated under one main account managed by the Telecommunications and Network Services department (TNS). TNS will post the monthly charges to the individual department’s telephone billing each month, including equipment purchases. Each month, TNS will send a copy of the carrier charges to the designated departmental contact for telephone charges. Billing errors from the carriers and billing adjustments will be applied to the appropriate department’s telephone charges, when those corrections show on the carrier invoices.

Carrier Services

A request to add, change, or delete such service will be processed through the appropriate department administrators and managers. Only the addition of a device will require approval by the respective vice president. TNS will act as the CSUSB agent for the employee with the various carriers. CSUSB employees will not deal directly with the carriers about CSUSB provided equipment and services, except with cooperation of TNS.

Effective July 1, 2011, the following public carriers have been approved for providing cellular and other mobile services for CSUSB employees: AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon

As of the current date, options for mobile devices can be reviewed with the following carriers.




Carrier Plans & Pricing

To obtain a current list of plans and pricing please contact Heather Hopkins via email or at ext. 77450.

Device Cost Coverage/Reimbursement

The university will fund a maximum of $200 for a cell phone device and a maximum of $500 for a tablet device. Any costs beyond these amounts must be approved by the vice president of the respective division. The employee may opt to pay the difference in cost if he or she chooses a higher end device. The device cost will be charged to the departments account and the department will be responsible for any recovery of costs from the employee.

Upgrade Requests

The employee using a university provided mobile device may request an upgrade when new features are needed, or when the current device is at or near end-of-life. Purchase of or upgrade to a new device over the approved limit will require approval by the vice president of the respective division; all other changes can be approved by the appropriate administrator.

Mobile Device Security Recommendations

Because of the large diversity of makes and model of mobile phones, users are encouraged to carefully read the User’s Manual for their particular mobile phone and implement the following security recommendations, when available. Users can contact their device vendor for assistance.

  • Enable Passcode Lock on the mobile phone
    • Choose a combination that will be difficult to guess
    • Set the auto-lock option after a period of inactivity
    • When available enable the option to erase data after a certain number of failed attempts
    • Password protect the SIM card
  • Disable Features that Could Be Accessed Without Entering the Passcode
    • Disable voice dial feature
    • Disable SMS preview
  • Overcoming Privacy Issues Due to the Inherent Design of the mobile phones
    • Disable or delete the keyboard cache
    • Disable Geotagging and location tracking
  • Erase All the Data Before Return, Repair, or Resale of Your mobile device
  • Regularly update the mobile phone's Firmware and don not attempt to Jailbreak the mobile phone
  • Enable appropriate restriction on your mobile phone
    • Prevent from launching and using unnecessary inbuilt applications
    • Prevent from installing or deleting any applications.
    • Prevent making changes to any accounts.
  • Enable available Privacy and Security Settings on the mobile phone’s internet browser application
    • Enable Block Pop-ups
    • Disable auto-fills
    • Enable fraud warning of websites
    • Clear cookies, history and cache after visiting sensitive websites
    • Delete unnecessary databases created by websites
    • Do not remember passwords to sensitive websites
  • When not in use, disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, and sharing services
  • Configure the email reader to use a secure protocol (TLS/SSL)
  • When available, enable "Find My Mobile Phone" service

End of Employee Positions/Appointments

If an employee separates from the university, he or she shall have the option to transfer the phone number associated with the mobile device onto a personal plan. If an employee changes positions or job assignments such that a mobile device is no longer necessary, then he or she shall be given the option to transfer the phone number associated with the mobile device onto a personal plan. If the employee choses to transfer the number, the transfer must be completed 14 days prior to the date of separation or re-assignment.

When an employee stops using a university-issued mobile device, that device does not need to be returned to the university if the device is at end-of-life. If the device is still usable, it may be returned to the pool of devices for redistribution. Administrators will follow the Information Security Office recommendations to ensure all personal identifiable information has been removed from the device prior to any reissuance or decommissioning of the device. Devices may be recycled at their end of life to minimize storage requirements. All devices, at end-of-life, will be disposed of according to property asset disposal procedures.

Privacy and Ownership Disclaimer

Cell phones and other mobile devices provided by CSUSB are the property of the university and the expectation of privacy should not be inferred. For further information, please refer to the Privacy and Ownership (Disclaimers) section within the CSUSB Acceptable Use Policy.