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Tips from Students

Tips from Students to Students for Online Learning

Tip from Graduate Students to Undergrad Students, on How to Succeed in an Online Class are below. 

  1. Print important documents, like syllabus and assignment schedule, and keep print important documents, like syllabus and assignments schedule, and keep a copy posted in a folder, whiteboard, somewhere easy to see. I use a whiteboard to write down assignments and due dates for the class. If students don’t use a whiteboard, they can put reminders of assignment on a calendar, their phones, or any device they use to remind.     -By Iris in Education A Few More Reminders… | The Creator | Rainbow Wave of Light


  1. When I have taken online classes in the past, I usually set up personal goals and deadlines for myself. Specifically, I prioritized assignment and the goals of completion based on the instructor’s deadlines. I also setup reminder notifications to stay on track of what I should be completing for the day. Finally, I did my best to reach out to other students to setup study groups. -By Luis in Communication Studies Friends' Cast to Reunite for Exclusive HBO Max Special – Variety


  1. Be willing to talk to a professor, look for alternate sources if one doesn't make sense, give yourself time for work, plan a schedule, talk to other students, don’t put in less time because it is online but also don't feel like you have to put in more. Review items multiple times until you feel confident in your retention. Don't undergo it but don't over-due it. -By Gary in Education 10 Ways to Feel Confident Doing Things That Scare You


  1. Make sure to do your work. Make time for the class to get your work done and use the time that class would have been scheduled to work on that class work. For me, I work best on a schedule. -By Andy in Communication Studies What Does Your School Schedule Say About Equity? More Than You ...


  1. Online classes suck. But they are not impossible. Make sure that you have the best workspace available to you in your house. DON'T DO WORK LYING DOWN! You will fall asleep. Make sure to sit up, find some good study music and study/do your assignments to the best of your ability. Make sure to tell your family you will be working on school work and CAN NOT be interrupted, although they probably will. Try to make sure that you have at least 2 hours each day to work on your school work, you will definitely benefit if you do. Good luck. -By Shane in Communication Studies 


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