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Taking a Test on Blackboard

How to Take a Test on Blackboard

Find the test tab

Find the test or quiz that is assigned and click on it.  Each test is programmed differently. Some are programmed to ask different questions than a different student to prevent cheating.  Some have time limits. Some must be completed in one sitting while others can be paused and resumed later. Sometimes a test will be stopped abruptly due to a loss of internet.  If this happens, contact your professor to reopen the test to take again.


Click on “Begin”


There are different question types that are answered differently.  Some are multi-select. Some are multiple choice. Some require you to put things in order.  Others require the answer to be typed. Look at the red selection above. When completing a question, the answer provided will be saved in case the test can be finished later.  This way you will not lose answers and time will not be lost. You can click Save All Answers to save all of your answers. But the computer usually saves them as you submit them, even if it takes a minute to catch up.  It is not usually needed. When finished, click Save and Submit.