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Navigating Blackboard for Students

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How to Navigate Blackboard for Students

Blackboard Login

Log in to Blackboard(Bb) on the CSUSB website via your student ID number and password.

Blackboard Dashboard

The immediate screen should look like this.  Announcements from your instructors from Bb are listed top center.  Your classes are listed on the right. Scroll and find your desired class homepage.

This is roughly what your login page will look like when selecting a specific class. But the look will vary based on the preferences of the instructor. For example, another page could look like this: 


Each tab does something different depending on how your instructor programmed their page.  Generally tabs are usually organized according to contact information, announcements, assignments, tests, groups, and tools.  Some also have modules which scaffold learning into units. Others place assignments and tests in folders differentiated by the week of the term.




Different Blackboard Pages

Discussion Board

This is the interface of a discussion board page.  This allows students and professors to talk based on prompts or to discuss questions with professors or other students.  Some may even be graded for your individual term grades. Information regarding how to use it will be discussed in a different web page.



This is an assignments page that lists needed assignments to complete.  They usually have links that may give a downloadable rubric for the assignment, a webpage to read, or a video to watch for the assignment needed.


When an assignment needs to be turned in online, the name is underlined.  Click on it to find the turn in page. After completing an assignment, find the file, upload it from your computer or cloud system.



Blackboard also has the ability to assign tests which aside from essay questions are automatically graded.  Information regarding taking tests will be explained in another web page.




Some professors chunk lesson units into lesson modules, which are scaffolded and grouped by topic or increase of difficulty.





Tools are help software that help you in a class or gives additional support.  Each will be discussed in greater detail later. Not all will be needed for most of your purposes. Among the most important are My Grades, Announcements, Blackboard Help for Students, Calendar, and Contacts.

My Grades


The grades tab can be found in tools.  Sometimes a professor will make it a separate tab on the side panel on the left.  If not, it will always be in tools. Here you can see the grades earned, assignments coming up the professor chooses to share, and shows assignments that are completed but still need to be graded by the professor.  Blackboard tests and quizzes that do not have manual grading questions such as essay questions will be graded automatically.

Blackboard Help for Students

This tab takes you to the Blackboard help webpage.  This will give you additional help in using Bb.



Announcements professors post on Bb can also be found here in tools.



Calendars shows when important due dates are placed by the professor, like assignment due dates.



A professor may use this tab to post contact information and ways to reach them at what times.