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How to Use the Blackboard "To Do" Function

Blackboard Tasks


Tasks are located in two places.  Tasks tab on the main Blackboard site. Located on left side of screen under "tools" tab, beneath announcements and calendar.First is the tools section of a main Blackboard webpage.  


Picture of tools page in Blackboard.


 The second is the on the course tools site.

Personal Task Page.

Tasks are reminders of what assignments or goals you need to complete.  First, your professor will create course tasks pre-designed for you to complete and potentially report to your professor. Course tasks can be seen in the course page but not personal tasks.  You cannot edit them, but are found in the course tools page (see prior page). Let’s focus on personal tasks since these are tasks you can control.


Make a title, description, a map date, and priority level for each task you create.


Type the title of the task, a description, a general deadline to meet it by the map, and set the priority of a task.  You can only do these for personal tasks, not course tasks.


Organize each task by clicking title, priority, due date, and task status to sort all personal tasks.Clicking Title, Priority, Due Date, and Task Status will sort tasks by each criteria.  When finished, click the checkmark to highlight a task and delete it when completed.