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Create a Working Space at Home

Title: How to Create a Workspace at Home

While at times it may be hard to have our classes transferred online, we can also see it as a time of new opportunity and expansion.  As we are ready to begin the quarter with all classes online, creating a workspace where you are able to focus will be essential to your success this Spring quarter. 


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Due to the Coronavirus we have been forced to move all classes online


First you will need a place in your home that is quiet and comfortable (I prefer to have a space next to the window). A quiet and comfortable space in your home will help you be more productive and if you are able to find a place close to the window, the sunshine and light will help you feel at ease.

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Making sure that you have an area where you can focus on your work is essential to success


Also make sure that the spot you find to set up your workspace is a room with a door or a place where you can tell your family that you will be working in quiet for a period of time. Since everyone is able to study under different conditions, having silence or noise in the background is situational to each person however it is best to have a place where you are able to secure some quiet time for the days that you might be Zooming with a professor. 

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Although we are all different when we study, we all need a quiet space for meetings


After finding the spot you will make your workspace, you will also need to find a desk/table and a chair. Finding a desk can be somewhat expensive, however, there are cheap options at Target and Walmart for a desk if you find that you have the space and the room in the spot you have found.


Target 23607WHT Computer Corner Desk for sale online | eBayLoring Writing Desk - Project 62™ : Target

Both of these desk can be found on the Target website and are both available for delivery


 Also, making sure you find a comfortable chair for your workspace. This might sound kind of funny but speaking from experience, having a good chair to sit on will help you focus and will not make your back hurt. Good chairs can also be found on Target and Walmart sites, although you can also find them at Costco if you are a member for relatively cheap as well. 


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Seriously make sure you find a good chair. I have been using our kitchen chair and it’s killing my back


As I mentioned before having a space close to a window will help you to feel at ease but the sunlight will also help you be more productive as you are sitting for long periods of time. Good lighting will also help with eye strain from viewing the computer screen for long periods of time. 


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A good workspace next to a window allows the productivity you need while working on difficult projects


Once you have picked your workspace, you have your desk and chair ready you will need to make sure that the area you have is close to outlets for your computer to prevent the battery from dying. You will also want to make sure you have a filing system in place for when you need to stop working on a project and take a break. 

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An electronic filing system will help you stay organized while submitting multiple projects


Lastly, make sure that you decorate your workspace. This will bring more comfort to your space and will put your mind at ease when you look at things that are familiar and bring you joy. 


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Having a decorated workspace will give you a better sense of relaxation as you study