Migration of Events from EMS to Drupal


In the past, adding events to the campus events calendar was done by entering them into Drupal (CMS). Once added, events could then be displayed on any individual website within Drupal. Events can now be added through the Events Management System (EMS) which is managed by Special Events and Guest. Beginning Monday, February 4, 2019, events entered into EMS that have the “Would you like your event published on the web calendar?” checked, and meet other criteria, will be automatically migrated to Drupal for display on the CSUSB Campus Events Calendar and individual websites. Events can still be entered directly into Drupal, but to avoid duplicates, only enter events in Drupal that are not, for whatever reason, necessary to enter into EMS.

It is critical that everyone enter a unique title and a well-written description for each event they want displayed on the CSUSB Events Calendar. 

Who is Affected?

  1. All users of EMS
  2. Drupal Content Editors who have added or will add events

What’s Covered in this Document?

  1. Your EMS Event in Drupal
  2. Drupal Interface Changes – Types and Categories
  3. Tips for Booking your event through EMS

Your EMS Event in Drupal

An EMS feed with "publish-to-the-web" events will import to Drupal every 6 hours. Any changes made to your event in EMS (title of event, start/end date of event, and/or event location) will be once a day.
Once your EMS event is in Drupal, you can:

  1. Add images/flyers to your event
  2. Add links to RSVP forms or additional information
  3. Add additonal categories for display on other websites of interest

NOTE: Making changes to the title of the event, start/end date of event and/or event location will be overwritten with the information in EMS.

Drupal Interface Changes – Types and Categories

Entering categories for events are no longer checkboxes. To enter categories, start typing the category you wish to add.

Booking Your Event with EMS

If selecting “Yes” to “Would you like your event published on the web calendar?” when booking your event in EMS, then please ensure the following:

  1. Check grammar and spelling
  2. Select the appropriate event type for your event
  3. Be descriptive in your event description. Copying the title of the event and pasting it as the description is not enough.

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