How do I create a Blackboard course site?

To activate a CSUSB Blackboard Course Site account for a class, please take a moment to complete a DL Planning Notification by selecting the Request a Course link on the left side menu.

To reuse all or part of an old course site for a subsequent quarter, submit a DL Planning Notification form for the new course site, just as if you were requesting an entirely new course site. However, when asked if you would like to copy course materials from an existing Blackboard course, include the course ID, section number, and semester of the course from which you wish to copy content. The new course site will be created as a copy of the existing course site.

When a new course site is created as a copy of an existing course site, all of the course content (announcements, course information, staff information, course documents, assignments, and external links) and all of the assessments and assessment pools (but not the Grade book nor the Assessment results) are copied to the new course site. It is possible to copy only the course content or only the Assessments and Pools but we are not able to copy neither only specific portions of the course content nor specific portions of the Assessments and Pools. Custom content areas that are created by faculty can also be included or excluded.

If you want to reuse only part of the content of an existing course site in a new course site, you can either (a) have all of the existing course site copied over and then remove the portions that you do not want to use this time (b) have a new course site created and (re)-upload the portions that you want to re-use.

When a new course site is created as a copy of an existing course site, we do not routinely copy over information that is tied to specific course users (like the Student Roster and the Discussion Board entries) since the new course site will usually have its own Student Roster, etc... Much of this user-specific information can be included in the copy process upon special request (in the Comment section of the DL Planning Notification Form) if there is not a specific reason for doing so, though we would typically advise against it.