Office 365 - Creating An Online Meeting in Outlook 2016 (Mac)

To create an online meeting go to your Outlook calendar and do the following.  Creating an online meeting requires you to be running Microsoft Lync 2011 or later and be logged in to your acount.

  1. Click the Meeting button to create a new meeting.

Screenshot of how to create a meeting
  1. Click the Online Meeting button and select Add Online Meeting.

Screenshot of how to create a online meeting
  1. Click the Online Meeting button and select Set Access Permissions... if you want to check or change the access permissions for this meeting.

Screenshot of setting access permissions
  1. In the Access tab you can select who can get directly to the meeting by moving the slider between Everyone, My Company, Invitees, and Only Me.

Screenshot of the access tab
  1. In the Presenter tab you can select who can share content from their machines to attendees by selecting Only Me, People I choose..., Everyone from my company, or Everyone (no restrictions) from the Who can be a presenter drop-down menu.

Screenshot of the presenter tab
  1. Compose the rest of the meeting the way you would any other meeting by entering the email addresses of the people you want to invite, subject, start time, duration, and a description of the meeting.Click the Send button to send the invite.  Meeting URLs are unique and can be forwarded to others if permissions are set right.  Attendees may be required to download a browser plugin to view the online meeting.

Screenshot of sending a meeting invite