How To Display Others Events On Your Website

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This video will demonstrate how to display an event that was created by another person or group on your site.

To add an event you must first be logged in at "". Once there you can freely search for keywords or filter by event types to locate the event you'd like to add to your site. For instance if we select workshop under event type we see a list of workshops. If we select say meditation group, we are taken to the specific event description page, Once here we can select the Edit tab from the menu. Scroll down the page to the category section and check the box next to the site or sites on which you want to display this event. Please be sure that you are a content editor of that site. Scroll down and select Save. Provided you currently have events displayed on your site you should see this event appear no later than three hours after you made this change. If you do not have events displayed on your site and you would like them, please contact Web Services.